Guyana major land transit point for thousands of Cubans heading to the US

first_imgGuyana along with other South American countries are major transit ports for Cubans refuges seeking access to the United States via the use of land as opposed to the more excruciating water route they traditionally use. This is according to NBC Nightly News in its April 30 broadcast where an investigative piece highlighted that there is a new migrant crisis unfolding in America where thousands of undocumented Cubans are now stranded on a gruelling journey they hope would end in the US.“It comes as some in Congress say a long standing immigration policy that gives Cubans favourable treatment needs to change.”The news outlet revealed that “for decades Cuban refugees had made the treacherous trek by sea, now many are risking it by land, they fly to South American countries like Guyana, then trudge through Central America into Mexico, but in November Nicaragua shut its border, now Costa Rica has done the same forcing a new bottleneck in Panama.”In Panama near the border of Costa Rico, Cubans are enduring the journey so that they can get a better life, “they are among the nearly 3000 undocumented Cuban migrants trapped in Panama struggling to reach the US” says the news agency.Gabe Gutierrez, reporting on the issue in Panama, said the camp he was in has over 1400 migrants alone with more arriving every day.One of the Cuban migrants who travelled through Ecuador with his seven-year-old daughter said the only hope that they (Cubans) have is to get to the US. The man says he does not see himself as an “economic refugee but a political one”.“Many of the migrants say the urgency is due in part to the US and Cuba’s diplomatic ties. Rumours are swirling, the so called wet foot, dry foot policy which allows Cuban immigrants preferential treatment once they reach US soil could soon change but for now the Cubans are risking the journey despite roadblocks” says the news source.Cubans refugees seeking to migrate to the United States have gone through excruciating lengths to rid themselves of the economic and political hardships facing them in their home country.last_img

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