Why have Education Ministry officials turned their backs on NAMS?

first_imgDear Editor,It is with great concern and deep-seated frustration that I pen this letter to ascertain why officials at the Ministry of Education have turned their backs on the current state of affairs at the New Amsterdam Multilateral School, hereinafter referred to as NAMS.This school has often been associated with academic excellence, was once ranked third (3rd) in the country based on CXC and CAPE results, and is recognized both locally and regionally in the areas of Sports and Theater Arts.However, the image of this school has been tarnished by the poor quality of leadership. Under current management, the following issues have occurred: (1) drastic drop in student population (moving from over 900 students at one point to about 400 students presently). (2) An increase in the number of transfers requested by parents for students to attend other schools in the region. (3) A drastic drop in results at the CXC and CAPE examinations.The school has also been embroiled in many scandals involving issues related to pecuniary abnormalities, and the recent issue of racism has caused six (6) teachers to request transfers. The issues have inevitability eroded staff morale and have affected their ability to deliver the curriculum to students who are in their care.Investigation after investigation has been done by Ministry of Education officials. An investigation was even conducted by the Ministry of Social Cohesion. The findings from these investigations have highlighted poor quality of leadership.In point of fact, based on findings from a recent investigation, an administrative transfer letter was issued to the DHM (ag) to take up a substantive post in another school.However, that transfer was countermanded by the Chief Education Officer. This decision has left a corrosive taste in the mouths of many teachers and parents.I am requesting that swift action be taken, and that the HM and DHM (Ag) be removed from this school, so that it can once again live up to its motto, “Progress through Cooperation”. It is time for change!In conclusion, I urge Ministry of Education officials to consider the importance of the phrase, “No School Left Behind!”Sincerely,Orlando Fraserlast_img

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