Xining City Local Taxation Bureau held a special inspector meeting

in order to better play the special supervisors social supervision function, strengthen the contact and special supervisors, listen to the opinions of the taxpayer, accept the supervision of the community, promote clean government and improve the tax department style construction, social image, recently, the city of Xining City District Bureau of the organization held a special supervisors meeting. District People’s Congress, the CPPCC National Committee, the Ministry of Finance and other departments and representatives of the special invited by the Ombudsman and the local tax bureau in charge of the city, the person in charge of the Department attended the meeting.

forum, member of the Party committee and the City District Local Taxation Bureau discipline inspection team leader Han Lihong introduced to the specially invited City District Local Taxation Bureau in the first half of the work carried out, emphatically introduces the new measures taken by the organization, the construction of the internal control system and income tax services and achievements.

has invited the Ombudsman in full recognition of bureau of the organization, team building and income tax services and other aspects of the results at the same time, how to further strengthen the construction of a clean government, completes the tax service work, put forward valuable opinions and suggestions to establish honest, civilized and efficient tax authorities and image, agreed to a high degree of business and the sense of responsibility, serious and responsible, and actively fulfill the duties, give full play to advocates, information officers, liaison, coordinator and supervisor role, actively participate in the work of local clean government and anti-corruption work, for the smooth development of the cause of local escort.

party secretary of City District Local Taxation Bureau Li Wei given to the NPC Standing Committee, the CPPCC, assist other departments and taxpayers expressed gratitude for the support and assistance, and hope we can invite the supervisor and play a role as a bridge between the community and the local tax, by telephone, a talk, written in a variety of ways, for tax violations in a timely manner to the tax authorities, the taxpayer appeals to the tax authorities timely reflect, strengthen the supervision of the tax law enforcement, with the local tax authorities together to build a harmonious tax environment. At the same time commitment, Chengzhong District Local Taxation Bureau will attach great importance to the specially invited comments and suggestions, adhere to the tax law, administrative law, civil service, improving quality and external image, continue to optimize the tax environment. Further based on the punishment and prevention system, do a good job of education, system and supervision of the three key links, to further promote clean government and wind construction to a new level.

after the meeting, invited the Ombudsman inspected the City District Local Taxation Bureau Tax Service Hall, listening to the relevant introduction, a detailed understanding of the tax business process and service measures.


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