New figures show that Department for Work and Pens

first_imgNew figures show that Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) civil servants are questioning only a tiny proportion of the benefit assessment reports written by discredited government contractors Atos and Capita.Campaigners have been trying for months to secure evidence that would explain why such a high proportion of personal independence payment (PIP) claims that are taken to appeal are successful.Figures from social security tribunals show the proportion of claimants who won their PIP appeals rose by seven percentage points in a year, from 64 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2016-17 to 71 per cent in the same period of 2017-18.The new figures, secured by Disability News Service (DNS) through a freedom of information request, may help to explain why so many appeals are successful.Some researchers have suggested that DWP decision-makers are accepting too many PIP assessment reports prepared by Atos and Capita without subjecting them to proper scrutiny, despite increasing evidence of incompetence and dishonesty by the Atos and Capita healthcare professionals who write them.DNS has previously spoken to a DWP civil servant working on the PIP “frontline”, who has said that DWP case managers have strict targets for the number of PIP claims they need to process every day and are quizzed by their superiors if they miss their weekly targets.He has said they are “instructed to act on the assessor’s report, given that they are the medical experts”.The new figures, provided by DWP following the DNS freedom of information request, appear to confirm concerns that DWP decision-makers are letting many substandard and misleading reports slip through the net.DNS had asked DWP how many of its decisions on PIP eligibility were made without any attempt to seek further advice or clarification from Atos and Capita, discuss or resolve problems with them, or even return the report to be completely rewritten.DWP initially said it would be too expensive to produce such figures, but DNS then asked it to test a random sample of 100 assessment reports from Capita and 100 from Atos.This week, DWP produced those figures, which show that of a random sample of 100 Capita reports, 94 PIP decisions were made without any further contact at all with the company.And of 100 Atos reports, 97 decisions were made without any further contact with the company once DWP had received the assessment report.Campaigner John Slater, whose freedom of information work has previously produced crucial data about the DWP’s disability benefit assessment contracts, said the latest figures raised serious concerns about the actions of DWP decision-makers.Figures he secured from DWP earlier this year showed that an audit of more than 4,000 Capita assessment reports – between April and December 2016 – found about 7.5 per cent were so poor as to be deemed “unacceptable”.In all, 33 per cent of the audited Capita reports were found to be of an unacceptable standard, to need changes, or demonstrated that the assessor had failed to carry out their role properly.But this week’s DWP response suggests that its decision-makers are making further checks on just six per cent of Capita assessment reports.Slater said: “The DWP figures do not reflect the audit management information data it disclosed for 2016.“Even when you take into account the age of the 2016 data, I would have thought that the number for Capita PIP reports might have been closer to 80 out of the 100 reports sampled.“This suggests that decision-makers are not looking at the reports critically and are assuming they are accurate.“I can’t offer anything specific on the Atos data as the DWP still hasn’t disclosed the audit data and the information commissioner is still pursuing the case.“However, 97 out of 100 still seems unrealistically high.”Disabled People Against Cuts researcher Anita Bellows, who has also carried out crucial work examining the assessment contracts, also raised serious concerns about DWP decision-makers apparently rubber-stamping more than 95 per cent of all Atos and Capita assessment reports.She said: “Considering the number of successful appeals against a PIP decision, it is obvious the DWP has not addressed the issue of assessors’ reports and dishonesty.”She said the figures on successful appeals showed that “very simple errors or untruths” are not picked up by DWP’s decision-makers when making the initial decisions, and then again at the “mandatory reconsideration” internal review stage.Bellows said: “The figure of 71 per cent of successful PIP appeals is just incredible.“It means that the DWP made a wrong decision in 71 per cent of cases, not only once but twice.“There is no better illustration that the system is not working for claimants.” A DWP spokeswoman refused to answer questions about the new figures, including whether they suggested that one of the reasons for the high rate of successful PIP appeals was that the department’s decision-makers do not have enough time to check assessment reports with Atos and Capita and are not encouraged to do so.But she said in a statement: “We’re committed to ensuring that people get accurate high-quality assessments and the right decision, first time round.“A relatively small number of all PIP decisions are overturned at appeal – four per cent.“Our assessment providers have developed an audit programme with us which we also monitor.“In addition, the department itself audits a robust random sample of all cases, applying a rigorous set of quality measures to assure that the standards expected by the department are being delivered across the full network.“Where healthcare professionals fall below the required high standards and do not improve, processes are in place to revoke their approval to carry out assessments.”The new figures follow years of mounting anger about the way PIP has been designed and run, since it was launched five years ago as a replacement for working-age disability living allowance.They also follow a lengthy DNS investigation which found claims of widespread dishonesty by PIP assessors – from both Atos and Capita – with hundreds of claimants saying that their PIP assessment reports contained clear lies.A note from the editor:For nine years, Disability News Service has survived largely through the support of a small number of disability organisations – most of them user-led – that have subscribed to its weekly supply of news stories. That support has been incredibly valuable but is no longer enough to keep DNS financially viable. For this reason, please consider making a voluntary financial contribution to support the work of DNS and allow it to continue producing independent, carefully-researched news stories that focus on the lives and rights of disabled people and their user-led organisations. Please do not contribute if you cannot afford to do so, and please remember that DNS is not a charity. It is run and owned by disabled journalist John Pring, and has been from its launch in April 2009. Thank you for anything you can do to support the work of DNS…last_img read more

Freeways Hairball community uprooted by state agency

first_imgOne of the few relatively isolated homeless encampments in the Mission District that self-regulated and seemed to exist with a semblance of order underneath Highway 101 ramps  was taken down a month ago by the California Highway Patrol, forcing its inhabitants onto the surrounding sidewalks. Since then there have been visits twice a week from cleaning crews that campers say have further dispersed what was once a close-knit community. A month ago, the homeless tenants still lived on the empty land at Cesar Chavez and Potrero Avenue owned by Caltrans, a state agency. Then suddenly, state patrol officers forced them out of land protected by a fence, padlocked the gate that has always been open, and shifted the residents to the other side of the fence and onto the city’s sidewalks and bike paths. Up until then, the Hairball community, a name attributed to the encampment because of the tangle of 101 on and off ramps that it lived under, had lived protected by the chain-link fence and monitored who came in and out of the gateway.  It has been a difficult transition for the homeless residents who said they had found a certain amount of protection inside the fenced off property. “I guess it was an eye sore or some shit,” said Corinthians Redmond, who had lived inside of the encampment and has now set up his belongings on the sidewalk. “But look at all this now. This is crazy. It looks worse.”Indeed, on Thursday the tents were scattered along the sidewalk, leaving little room to pass by. A Caltrans dump truck and cleaning crew and a handful of California Highway Patrol officers stood by for a routine cleanup of the encampment that morning.The public sidewalks are governed by the city’s Department Public Works and the campers will be subject to cleanings by that department as well, according to a Caltrans employee who engaged the campers in Thursday’s cleanup. Robert Hause, a spokesperson for Caltrans, said it is unclear what specifically motivated the encampment’s recent removal from the state property but said it is illegal for campers to be there.In response to the campers now blocking the city’s walking and bike paths, he said: “Where they go is out of our hands.”Rachel Gordon, spokesperson for Public Works, said that the agency has received increased complaints since the campers have set up along the Hairball’s bike pathways. “From yesterday’s operation [cleanup] they moved to one of the nearby parks and to bike paths,” said Gordon on Friday. “We wanted to keep them off bike paths because we got complaints from [cyclists] that they can’t get through.”Gordon referred to the move as a “rotating circle.”  To the campers, the relocation made no sense. “I was under there and now they moved me over here,” said Redmond, who moved from the Caltrans property onto the sidewalk across Cesar Chavez Street. “Now we are blocking the sidewalk.”A Caltrans cleaning crew employee on Thursday morning said that the fence was chained shut sometime last month and the campers kicked off the state property because “they were breaking into the electrical” boxes underneath the underpass.He also listed complaints from businesses and nearby residents, pointing to houses on top of a hill that overlook the freeway. Hause said that he didn’t have documentation for a recent break-in but said that they are common.Trash bags inside the Caltrans garbage truck from a routine cleanup at the Cesar Chavez St. encampment.“We’ve been dealing with break-ins of our electrical junction boxes – not just from the homeless – because it’s so profitable,” he said, referring to the sale of its wires.  In the case of encampments, he said, inhabitants will often “tap boxes and use it for power.”On Thursday morning, the campers sorted through their belongings and downsized under the watchful eyes of the cleaning crews and police. The latter said it was a routine clean-up – the second one of the week.Throughout cleaning effort, the campers’ belongings were moved onto a narrow pedestrian walkway, leaving little room for people to pass by. A cyclist riding northbound on the sidewalk along Cesar Chavez Street shifted onto the street to navigate around two campers sitting on the sidewalk next to their property.  For almost a year, some 30 people lived in the Hairball encampment. Behind the fence that separated the encampment from pedestrians and cyclists, its inhabitants had set up their tents and kept dogs, garbage bins and several grills. The Hairball was one of the more organized homeless enclaves – it housed families and according to campers who lived there, most respected a set of informal rules in an effort to remain inconspicuous and safe.“It’s because there’s a lot of shady characters – People that come here and they might want to do bad,” said Redmond, who had been living in the encampment with his aunt. “We all look at each other like a family. So we all stay safe like that. That’s how we keep all the women safe too.”Redmond became one of the camp’s leaders, and kept an eye on the happenings inside and encouraged respect for the surrounding neighborhood. “We got rules down here. The rules are you don’t do your dirt outside. If you do anything, take the party to your own tent, that’s your personal business,” he said. If an outsider came bearing trouble, Redmond turned them away.“If I see a person coming through and stealing shit, or coming here with stolen shit, I’ve told them ‘hey you’re making this [area] hot. Police are going to come out here and arrest us all for your stupidity,” he said. “I don’t want to go to jail for somebody else’s shit.”Highway patrol officers supervised Thursday’s cleanup and served as backup for the cleaning crews. One officer referred to the hairball campers as “a community within a community.”Notices to vacate =in english and spanish are posted around the encampment at the Cesar Chavez exit. Photo by Lola M. ChavezStill, he said, camping on state property is illegal, and it said it was his job to remove them from the area. But with nowhere to go, he said, the campers never move far.“It’s a circle,” he said. “You want to know the problem, start from the top then go towards the bottom,” he added, referring to city politics regarding homelessness.Caltrans had posted 72-hour notices warning campers of Thursday’s cleanup, according to Hause.The state agency and Public Works have a maintenance agreement, and in the past year cleaning crews from Public Works and Caltrans intermittently came by once a week to pick up trash from the encampment.Hause said his agency will coordinate future cleanups with Public Works in an effort to “do sweeps at the same time.”But with campers now on sidewalks and on the Hairball’s bike paths, Gordon said Public Works will likely soon be forced to remove them.A member of the Caltrans cleaning crew on Thursday said that the camp cleanups are “good for them because sometimes they’ve got a lot of garbage.”“I know some of them they don’t like what we are doing. But we are just cleaning. Yes they have to move. But they can come back,” said a Caltrans employee who posted notices informing campers of next week’s cleanup, and warning them to vacate the intersection from Monday to Thursday. Those who refuse to cooperate could face citation and arrest.He later added: “To be honest, I don’t like this part of my job because they are already in the streets. I have to do it.  But I think one of the things about this is… at least I give them respect.”The recent relocation has made it difficult for the campers to regain the stability that they once enjoyed in the area – and some speculated that this was the agency’s intention.“They are making it hard for us to stay here,” said Norma, who lived at the Hairball encampment with her boyfriend and daughter, who is in her 20s,  for the past year. Redmond said that the relocation has in some ways broken up the camp, but that he is grateful that he hasn’t been removed from the freeway entirely. “At least the police didn’t come through and said, ‘alright that’s it, no more, you guys have got to stay out of this area or you’re going to jail,’” he said. “We are still doing cool, and staying out of the way.”For her part, Norma expressed resignation. “They want us the hell out of here but they are not offering any alternatives,” she said, adding that it has been months since the city’s outreach workers have visited the Hairball. 0%center_img Tags: camp • cesar chavez • DPW • homeless • police Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

WITH Fathers Day fast approaching two players ho

first_imgWITH Father’s Day fast approaching, two players hopeful of representing England at Rugby League World Cup 2013 have named their dads as the number one influences on their Rugby League careers.Wigan forward Lee Mossop and Huddersfield’s in-form centre Brett Ferres will both be pushing for a place in the 17 for this Friday’s International Origin clash with the Exiles at the Halliwell Jones Stadium.As well as earning him another international call-up, Mossop’s performances in the Cherry and White of the Warriors this year have also attracted the attention of the NRL, with Parramatta Eels landing the Cumbrian’s signature for 2014.But the 24-year-old says his career might never have got off the ground had it not been for the support of his dad.“My old man was actually a Rugby Union man, but he played a huge role in my decision to start playing the sport as a kid,” he said.“Even when I was very young he was always closely following my career and giving me all the encouragement in the world.“I’ve been lucky enough to rise through the ranks since then and have had the honour of representing my country, but I can still count on him to give me a call the day after the game and pass on a little feedback on my performance.”Mossop’s England teammate Ferres was also encouraged to take up the sport by his dad, but despite growing up a ‘Cas lad’, the Giants star revealed he learnt to love Rugby League on the terraces at Headingley.“I was born and raised in Castleford, but my old man took me to watch Leeds when I was young, which will probably get me in trouble with a few of the Tigers fans!“He was the biggest influence over my career as a youngster by a long way and I still talk to him about my game to this day.“I have some great memories of standing with my dad at matches. Even then it was a real family sport.“It’s nice to see families on the terraces at Super League games, and I hope more youngsters are introduced to the sport at Rugby League World Cup 2013.”A ticket to a match at Rugby League World Cup 2013 makes the perfect gift for fathers this Sunday, with a tremendous family atmosphere across all games guaranteed.Tickets are now on sale for RLWC2013, with 55% of tickets priced £20 or less.To make sure you will BE THERE buy now at or call our 24 Hour Ticket Hotline on 0844 847 2013.Plus, got a twitter account? Be sure to enter our twitter competition to be in with a chance of winning a signed England Rugby league world Cup 2013 ball, signed by coach Steve McNamara and Captain Kevin Sinfield. To enter simply tweet the answer to the following question: In which city will England Rugby League face Australia at the RLWC2013 Opening Ceremony on October 26? Tweet your answer inc. #RLWC2013 to enter. Entries close at 12pm today. #Worldcupwedslast_img read more

SAINTS won this rearranged match in the drizzle at

first_imgSAINTS won this rearranged match in the drizzle at Thatto Heath with a less than sparkling 22-12 display mirroring the weather, writes Graham Henthorne.The match had originally been down to be played on a warm sunny day and by the end, with the Saints hanging on, we all were wishing we could’ve turned back the clock.There was no inkling of the second half demise as the Saints methodically took charge of the first period.Despite losing André Savelio just prior to kick off the young Saints pack, with Phil Atherton again to the fore, just trundled over their older and more experienced counterparts.Saints got the best possible start with a try after only 40 seconds. The Bulls knocked on Lewis Charnock’s towering kick off and four tackles later from the regathered ball Jake Spedding was dummying his way over in the left corner.Olly Davies was the next on the scoresheet benefitting from Dave Hewitt’s great dummy. The scrum half shot through the line 40 out before feeding the supporting Davies as he got to the full back.A sublime 40/20 from Charnock again put the Saints on the front foot and he slotted over the penalty in front of the sticks four tackles later as the Bulls found it increasingly difficult to handle the Saints.Charnock then took a leaf out of Hewitt’s book with a show and go at the posts and was rewarded with the four points after great runs from Hewitt and Lewis Galbraith had got the Saints away from the line.In your face defence forced the Bulls to again knock on and three tackles later Matty Fleming won the race to his own kick having seen the full back in the line and kicked into the vacant space.Handling errors and a mounting penalty count kept the Bulls in it, however, and the Saints found themselves on their heels in front of the posts. But a big effort kept the line intact as first Charnock and then David Eccleston both made try saving tackles.That was as good as it got for the Saints as the called for big second half never materialised. The Bulls gained in confidence and all the pressure they and the Saints were building for themselves culminated in two converted tries in the final ten minutes.At this stage of the season in the battle for second place the win is the most important thing but with two local derbies coming up as the final two matches the performances will have to be much better.Hewitt, Charnock, Atherton and the eighty minute man Matty Fozard were best for the Saints on a soggy day.Match Summary:Saints U19s:Tries: Jake Spedding, Matty Fleming, Lewis Charnock, Olly Davies.Goals: Lewis Charnock 3.Bradford U19s:Tries: James Thornton, Nathan Conroy.Goals: Adam Brook 2.Half Time: 22-0Full Time: 22-12Teams:Saints:1. Adam Saunders; 5. David Eccleston, 4. Matty Fleming, 3. Jake Spedding, 2. Lewis Galbraith; 6. Lewis Fairhurst, 7. Dave Hewitt; 8. Phil Atherton, 9. Lewis Charnock, 20. Joe Ryan, 11. Liam Cooper, 12. Olly Davies, 13. Matty Fozard. Subs: 14. Jonah Cunningham, 15. Joe McLoughlin, 16. Chris Worrall, 17. Ross McCauley.Bradford:1. Brandon Pickersgill; 2. James Pickering, 3. James Thornton, 4. Ross Oakes, 5. Kyle Moore; 22. Brad Adams, 7. Adam Brook; 13. Jordan Baldwinson, 9. Callum Ogden, 10. Stephen Copeland, 11. Emmerson Whittle, 12. Mason Tonks, 8. Jack Georgiou. Subs: 14. Nathan Conroy, 15. Michael Paul, 16. Niadh Currie-Clarke, 17. Kieran Walpole.last_img read more

KEIRON Cunningham said Saints failed to make the s

first_imgKEIRON Cunningham said Saints failed to make the start expected of them at Leigh Centurions on Friday.The head coach pointed to a “lack of physicality” as the main reason they were outmuscled for an 18-0 deficit.“It was frustrating and let’s be honest the start was disappointing,” he said. “We have had a good couple of weeks training so to start in that way was disappointing.“We did a lot of talking in the lead up to the game, and in the dressing rooms, but there wasn’t enough action.“Our senior front rowers didn’t go that well and that isn’t good enough for this club.“They came straight through us but you can take nothing away from Leigh. They carried the ball well. Rugby league is a simple game – it is a game of chicken on the advantage line but unfortunately we were the chickens today.”He continued: “We created enough chances and if we were clinical we could have won three games. Our centres must not believe our wingers can score tries, but it still all goes back to that start.“If you come in one try less at half time then you go on and win the game. But we didn’t and it is a very good learning curve for us.“We have a lot to turn around for next Friday now.“If we did what we did in the second half then we should have done it in the first. It is quite simple.”last_img read more

The series between the two sides is split one apie

first_imgThe series between the two sides is split one apiece so far this season, with Saints having won six of the last 10 derbies.Last Ten Meetings:St Helens 22, Wigan 19 (SLR15, 25/5/17) Wigan 29, St Helens 18 (SLR9, 14/4/17) Wigan 25, St Helens 0 (SLS8-R3, 19/8/16) Wigan 4, St Helens 23 (SLR23, 22/7/16) St Helens 12, Wigan 24 (SLR7, 25/3/16) St Helens 18, Wigan 14 (SLS8-R6, 18/9/15) St Helens 30, Wigan 14 (SLR18, 12/6/15) Wigan 12, St Helens 4 (SLR8, 3/4/15) St Helens 14, Wigan 6 (SLGF, 11/10/14) (at Old Trafford, Manchester) Wigan 12, St Helens 16 (SLR18, 27/6/14)Super League Summary:St Helens won 34 (includes wins in 2000 and 2014 Grand Finals & wins in 2000, 2002, 2009 and 2011 play-offs) Wigan won 35 (includes win in 2010 Grand Final & wins in 2001, 2003 and 2004 play-offs) 4 draws St Helens highest score: 57-16 (MM, 2008) (also widest margin) Wigan highest score: 65-12 (A, 1997) (also widest margin)Head to Head:Mark Percival has scored 58 points in 8 games against Wigan with Tommy Makinson scoring 10 tries in 18 appearances.Jon Wilkin will be playing in his 45th derby. Career Milestones:Jon Wilkin needs one appearance to reach 450 for his career. He has played 388 games for St Helens since 2003, and was previously with Hull KR (39 games, 2000-2002). He has also represented Great Britain (6 Tests, 2006-2007) and England (16 games, 2004-2005, 2008-2009 & 2011-2012).Tommy Makinson needs two tries to reach a career century of touchdowns. He has scored 95 times for St Helens since 2011, to go with 3 dual-registration scores for Rochdale (2013). He also made one non-scoring appearance for Whitehaven in the same season.James Roby needs three tries to reach 100 for St Helens. He has touched down 97 times in 394 games for the Saints since 2004.Super League Milestones:(Players reaching significant figures in Super League games only, including play-offs & Super League Super 8s)Rob Burrow needs two tries to draw level with David Hodgson in eighth place in the list of Super League’s all-time leaders.1 Danny McGuire (Leeds, 2001-present) 233 2 = Keith Senior (Leeds/Sheffield, 1996-2011), Paul Wellens (St Helens, 1998-2015) 199 4 Ryan Hall (Leeds, 2007-present) 187 5 Leon Pryce (Hull FC/Catalans Dragons/St Helens/Bradford, 1998-2016) 173 6 Ryan Atkins (Warrington/Wakefield, 2006-present) 171 7 Luke Dorn (Castleford/London Broncos/Harlequins/Salford, 2005-2016) 170 8 David Hodgson (Hull KR/Huddersfield/Salford/Wigan/Halifax, 1999-2014) 168 9 Rob Burrow (Leeds, 2001-present) 166 10 Kirk Yeaman (Hull FC, 2001-2016) 159Matty Smith – 1 appearance away from 250 (16 for Celtic Crusaders, 2009; 71 for Salford, 2010-2012; 125 for Wigan, 2012-2016 and 37 for St Helens, 2006-2008, 2010 & 2017)Zeb Taia – 1 appearance away from 100 (75 for Catalans Dragons, 2013-2015 and 24 for St Helens, 2017)Betfred Super League Leading Scorers:(League games & Super 8s only)Tries: 1 Greg Eden (Castleford Tigers) 35 2 Liam Marshall (Wigan Warriors) 21 3 Ben Jones-Bishop (Wakefield Trinity) 19 4 = Jermaine McGillvary (Huddersfield Giants), Albert Kelly (Hull FC), Joe Burgess (Wigan Warriors) 18 7 = Greg Minikin (Castleford Tigers), Mason Caton-Brown (Wakefield Trinity), Tom Lineham (Warrington Wolves) 16 10 = Jamie Shaul (Hull FC), Joel Moon (Leeds Rhinos) 15Goals: 1 Luke Gale (Castleford Tigers) 118 2 Marc Sneyd (Hull FC) 84 3 Mark Percival (St Helens) 79 4 Liam Finn (Wakefield Trinity) 74 5 Luke Walsh (Catalans Dragons) 69 6 Danny Brough (Huddersfield Giants) 56 7 Ben Reynolds (Leigh Centurions) 48 8 Michael Dobson (Salford Red Devils) 46 9 Liam Sutcliffe (Leeds Rhinos) 45 10 Gareth O’Brien (Salford Red Devils) 36Goals Percentage: 1 Marc Sneyd (Hull FC) 90.32 (84/93) 2 Tony Gigot (Catalans Dragons) 90.00 (9/10) 3 Jake Connor (Hull FC) 86.95 (20/23) 4 Luke Walsh (Catalans Dragons) 85.18 (69/81) 5 Martyn Ridyard (Huddersfield Giants/Leigh Centurions) 84.84 (28/33) 6 Kallum Watkins (Leeds Rhinos) 84.61 (22/26) 7 Paul McShane (Castleford Tigers) 83.33 (10/12) 8 Liam Finn (Wakefield Trinity) 81.31 (74/91) 9 Luke Gale (Castleford Tigers) 80.82 (118/146) 10 = Ben Reynolds (Leigh Centurions) (48/60), Tom Makinson (St Helens) 80.00 (8/10)Points: 1 Luke Gale (Castleford Tigers) 291 2 Mark Percival (St Helens) 214 3 Marc Sneyd (Hull FC) 190 4 Liam Finn (Wakefield Trinity) 152 5 Luke Walsh (Catalans Dragons) 150 6 Greg Eden (Castleford Tigers) 140 7 Danny Brough (Huddersfield Giants) 131 8 Ben Reynolds (Leigh Centurions) 120 9 Michael Dobson (Salford Red Devils) 116 10 Liam Sutcliffe (Leeds Rhinos) 111League Table:POSTeamPWLDPFPADIFFPTS1Castleford Tigers262240849428421442Leeds Rhinos27189064557174363Hull FC271511162559134314Wakefield Trinity261412063659343285Saints2613121559456103276Wigan Warriors261211361556055277Salford Red Devils26131306045977268Huddersfield Giants26111236055287725last_img read more

Club Community

first_imgIf you are attending a Saints home fixture, or simply popping by the Stadium please do collect your certificate.Please contact Saints Community Development Foundation’s Director Steve Leonard to arrange collection on: 01744 455087 or email at least three working days in advance so the certificate can be made available for collection.Any former local players who struggle with accessibility can also arrange a home visit by either club or Saints Heritage Society staff. Or alternatively you can contact the club to arrange postage.Please pass this message on to any former Saints teammates you are still in touch with.last_img read more

MTN Western Union to introduce MobileMoney Services in 21 countries

first_imgAdvertisement In Uganda MTN’s MobileMoney service already boasts more than 1 million registered users, making it one of the most successful mobile wallet deployments in the world. A World Bank report released yesterday revealed that Uganda receives nearly US$800 million in remittances every year, making up 3% of the country’s GDP. “Uganda has been chosen as the first country to roll out this partnership following the massive success of MTN Mobile Money. The MTN Mobile Money service has made a significantly positive impact to the lives of millions of Ugandans in many ways, and this partnership with Western Union will do even more. The World Bank reckons that up to $773million will be transferred into Uganda this year, and we know that MTN Mobile Money access will increase the number of people in Uganda receiving money by Western Union, and will also increase financial inflows into the country from abroad,” said MTN Uganda Chief Executive Officer, Themba Khumalo. – Advertisement – When the new international remittance service is activated, MTN subscribers registered for MobileMoney will be able to receive Western Union Money Transfer transactions in their mobile accounts. In addition, MobileMoney users in certain countries will be able to send Western Union Money Transfer transactions directly from their mobile phones for payout at one of Western Union’s 386,000 Agent locations in 200 countries and territories around the world.An MTN subscriber who receives a Western Union Money Transfer transaction in his MobileMoney account will be able to use the funds to pay bills, top-up airtime, send money domestically and internationally, or withdraw cash at MobileMoney Agents or any participating ATM.“The Western Union Mobile Money Transfer service is a key part of our multi-channel strategy to offer our consumers numerous ways to send and receive money,” said Khalid Fellahi, Western Union’s Head of Mobile Transaction Services. “This alliance with MTN – one of the world’s most successful mobile operators – will introduce cross-border remittances to an entirely new segment of customers by allowing them to send and receive money using just their mobile phones.”Pieter Verkade, MTN Executive of MobileMoney, said, “After bringing domestic financial services to many of our customers, we will now enable customers to receive money from abroad on their mobile phones to take out at their convenience with their local merchant, send it to family or pay a bill.”MTN’s MobileMoney service is currently available in Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, South Africa and Uganda, with pilots underway in several other markets.  The service offers consumers a convenient, secure and affordable way to send money within the same country (domestically), buy airtime and make basic utility payments using their MTN mobile phones. MTN offers the service in partnership with local banks.Western Union offers the Mobile Money Transfer service in the Philippines with Smart Communications and Globe Telecom; in Kenya with Safaricom; and in Malaysia with Maxis. The company also recently announced an agreement with EnStream in Canada and State Bank of India in India and has other agreements for Mobile Money Transfer with banks in Tunisia, Libya and South Africa.last_img read more

Bin Laden death sends Internet traffic soaring

first_imgAdvertisement Twitter recently has played an increasingly important role as a disseminator of breaking news, and the bin Laden story was another prime example.Just before White House officials told the news media that bin Laden had been killed, Keith Urbahn, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s chief of staff, spread the word via Twitter.“So I’m told by a reputable person they have killed Osama Bin Laden. Hot damn.” – Advertisement – Urbahn later said he was tipped off by a well-connected network TV news producer.Other news agencies quickly followed with tweets, and the microblogging site quickly thereafter exploded with information about the event.Urbahn was actually not the first to break the news. A Pakistani IT consultant named Sohaib Athar with the Twitter handle ReallyVirtual, who lives in the city of Abbottabad where bin Laden was killed, unwittingly live-tweeted the event as it was happening.“A huge window shaking bang here in Abbottabad … I hope its not the start of something nasty” Athar tweeted at about 5:00 p.m. ET on Sunday.Google: Google Trends ranked the keywords “osama bin laden dead” as “volcanic,” the highest level it assigns for a trending topic.Sunday was not the first time that the term “osama bin laden dead” peaked on Google (GOOG, Fortune 500). On Sept. 24, 2006, a French newspaper l’Est Republicain reported a story supposedly based on leaked Saudi intelligence documents that said bin Laden had been killed a month earlier. The CIA and French governments quickly denounced that report as false.Google Insights for Search ranked that 2006 story as the biggest search event for bin Laden, but the tool has not updated yet with Sunday’s data.News sites: The bin Laden story resulted in a peak of more than 4.1 million page views per second on the news websites supported and tracked by content delivery network Akamai (AKAM). Akamai delivers about 20% of the Internet’s content, and it supports popular news sites like,, and peak occurred at about 11:30 p.m. ET on Sunday, right as President Obama’s news conference began. Just an hour before the news broke, there were roughly 2.5 million page views per second on those pages.Despite the unusually high volume of traffic, Akamai said it did not rank in the company’s top 10 news events for highest page-view peaks.The largest peak in Internet traffic came at noon on June 24, 2010, when there were simultaneous World Cup qualifying matches as well as the longest-ever Wimbledon match — all being played at the same time. Those events resulted in a peak of 10.4 million page views per second on the news sites Akamai supports.Last week’s royal wedding ranked sixth on Akamai’s list, with more than 5 million page views per second. It was the second-highest non-sports-related Internet event, right behind the 2010 U.S. mid-term elections.All of the largest peaks in the top 13 were from events that occurred in 2010 or 2011 — which is unsurprising, since Internet usage continues to rise globally. But ranking at No. 14 is the inauguration of President Obama, which occurred in January 2008.The biggest Internet spikes tend to overwhelm servers and rendered some websites unresponsive. News of Michael Jackson’s death famously brought down Google News,, and even AOL Instant Messenger, thanks to high traffic demands.Source: CNN Moneylast_img read more

Microsofts Artificial Intelligence can tell when youre angry

first_imgMicrosoft’s AI detects your emotions. Image Credit: Tnwcdn Advertisement Microsoft reckons its AI can read your emotions.The company’s putting its money where your mouth is and is letting anyone upload their face to its emotion-detecting API.Part of Project Oxford, it uses “world-class machine learning” to interpret how people are feeling. The project caused offence earlier this year by trying to work out how old people were, with Microsoft warning that its experimental platform was “not always accurate”.[related-posts] – Advertisement – The facial recognition engine deals with eight different emotions and works out a score, which adds up to one, for each image. The emotions are:AngerContemptDisgustFearHappinessNeutralSadnessSurprise[wired]last_img read more