Chart prepays $40m debts following stock offering

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US entrant offers Twitter-style legal advice

first_imgUS online legal service Rocket Lawyer is preparing to dispense legal advice via client interactions not much longer than Twitter posts, it has revealed.The company is to offer a free question-and-answer service on a smartphone app to be launched in the new year. Consumers will have 600 characters to explain their legal problem and are promised a free reply from a qualified solicitor within 24 hours.The app was created in the US earlier this year and Rocket Lawyer’s UK subsidiary is now preparing to roll it out here in the first quarter of 2014.Rocket Lawyer founder Charley Moore (pictured) told the Gazette that the on-call service will answer any legal question and guarantees a private answer. Any work that comes in as a result is then farmed out to a member of Rocket Lawyer’s panel picked according to geography or practice area.’This is the “on ramp” for legal services for the next generation,’ Moore said. ’They expect and demand that lawyers are going to be responsive to them, which means being available through mobile.’Rocket Lawyer’s website already allows members to create legal documents from online templates and to have one free 30-minute consultation a month with a lawyer from a panel of firms, plus a discount on further consultations. ‘We know the majority of our users have never consulted with a lawyer before and are not keen on talking over the phone,’ Moore said.The company says that its clients have created more than 200,000 files online in the first full year of operating in the UK. He expects ‘millions’ of documents to be downloaded in 2014 as the company increases its marketing online and on radio.Rocket Lawyer currently has 20 law firms on its panel from across England and Wales, but plans to increase that number if and when there is demand, as well as to expand into Northern Ireland and Scotland.Moore denied that his company was intent on taking work away from existing law firms, describing Rocket Lawyer as ‘the best opportunity lawyers can have right now’.He added: ‘Where [other start-ups] have run into trouble is they have been competitive to lawyers. There is a latent demand for legal services with millions of transactions and disputes yet to be resolved.‘We’re making it possible for lawyers to be much more efficient and satisfy the demand that the traditional approach can’t handle. There is a crushing burden on the legal system under the weight of demand.’last_img read more

Jesper Lok

first_imgDENMARK: DSB Chief Executive Jesper Lok has tendered his resignation and will leave the national operator when a successor is found, or by August 31 2015 at the latest.last_img

KeolisAmey selected as Operating & Development Partner in Wales

first_imgUK: In a written statement issued on May 23, the Welsh government’s Cabinet Secretary for Economy & Transport Ken Skates announced the award of a contract for KeolisAmey to ‘operate and develop the Wales & Borders rail service and the South Wales Metro’.The contract will begin on June 4 and run until October 14 2033. It replaces the current franchising model under which Arriva has run the Wales & Borders services since 2003. While previous franchises have been tendered by the UK Department for Transport, the ODP contract has been specified by the devolved agency Transport for Wales. KeolisAmey will take over main line train operations from Arriva on October 14, Skates said.Key to the ODP model is a plan for the winning bidder to take over some aspects of infrastructure management in Wales from Network Rail. While neither Skates nor KeolisAmey would provide details of how this would be taken forward until the statutory 10-day standstill period has elapsed, the ODP is expected to take over the ‘Core Valleys’ network which radiates from Cardiff; of this service group, only the branches to Ebbw Vale and Maesteg would remain under NR management.The Core Valleys network would then be developed to provide enhanced access to central Cardiff under the South Wales Metro programme. Bidders were asked to submit proposals which could range from 25 kV 50 Hz electrification to tram-train or light rail conversion with some street running.KeolisAmey was selected for the ODP contract ahead of sole competitor MTR Corp. The Welsh government initially received four responses, but Arriva decided not to submit a final bid and Abellio pulled out of the bidding after its infrastructure partner Carillion went into administration.‘The procurement process was rigorous, resulting in transformative solutions for the benefit of all in Wales, and indeed, future generations’, said Alistair Gordon, Chief Executive of Keolis UK. ‘While the proposed changes won’t happen overnight, the railway will be unrecognisable in five years thanks to the vision of the Welsh government.’last_img read more

Damascus freight service resumes after reinstatement of war-damaged railway

first_imgSYRIA: A freight train from the Mediterranean  port of Tartus arrived at the Al-Sabinah silos to the south of Damascus for the first time in nine years on August 8, carrying 1 000 tonnes of grain.Minister of Transport Ali Hammoud said this marked the resumption of rail services to and from Damascus after ‘theft, sabotage and destruction’ of the 309 km route from Tartus to Al-Sabinah during the ongoing civil war. This included the complete destruction of 40 km of the line at four sites, and trenches and tunnels being dug around the railway at 26 locations. Work to rehabilitate the line was completed by national railway CFS in one month, the minister said, progressing around the clock despite the hot desert conditions, lack of equipment, sanctions and the implementation of measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.#*#*Show Fullscreen*#*# The minister said the revival of rail services between the port and the capital would have a great impact on securing supplies of commodities including grain and fuel.A passenger service running north along the coast from Tartus to Latakia is also now operating, with two trains a week timed to meet the needs of students.last_img read more

The Exorcist review

first_imgIn the lead up to Halloween, a stage adaptation of one of the most notorious and controversial movies of the 1970s arrives at Manchester’s Opera House.The story is simple: an adolescent girl begins exhibiting the signs of demonic possession. Her mother, a famous film star, finds no cure from the medical profession, so she turns to the church in a last-ditch effort to save her child…The Exorcist phenomenon began as a novel from William Peter Blatty, which he later adapted into a screenplay for Academy award-winning director William Friedkin. The result was a brutally aggressive, documentary-realistic film in 1973 that rocked audiences through its graphic detail and fearless subject matter.Until the new millennium, the movie was buried in a censorship ban, giving it a near-mythical status. Today, after countless releases on DVD and Blu-ray, The Exorcist lives again and is rightly considered to be one of the finest movies of its time. But is it a story that translates to stage, and can it still raise the same fears as it once did?Sophie Ward as Chris, Eliza Capel as Regan and Tristram Wymark as Burke. Credit: The Other Richard.John Pielmeier’s workmanlike adaptation lifts dialogue directly from Blatty’s original screenplay, and these aspects shine through in some scenes, particularly between the clergy and parent Chris MacNeil. There’s a great portion of scratch-written material too, but this is less lucid; designed to overcome the practicalities of the theatrical medium, including expositional, on-the-nose dialogue which weighs down its first act.In a tale dense with nuance, the script feels eager to overcome mystery to establish exactly who everyone is, and later spell out precisely what’s happening. Part of The Exorcist’s original mood came from elements and characters that were subtly or ambiguously sketched, but the stage version doesn’t carry such self-confidence in the work. It feels anxiously clarified.That’s probably because the play is pitching its messaging way up to the upper circle of the theatre auditorium like We Will Rock You, and for the sake of absolute clarity is bailing out any residue of subtlety. The logic is understandable, but the source material definitely loses something in its broader pitch.Then there’s the challenge of making Regan’s rancid bedroom feel enclosed, claustrophobic and inescapable on a cavernous stage. The show goes some way to address this with a compact set design and projection effects from Anna Fleishle, but it’s near impossible to provide a portrait-like intimacy on a theatrical scale. But that’s not to say there aren’t any scary moments — they just come in the form of noisy jump scares and effects rather than a sense of creeping, enclosing dread.The problem of over-literal direction is demonstrated in some of the most graphic scenes. In the book and screenplay, such harrowing incidents are described bluntly and graphically, however the playbook ramps up the dialogue and direction to near gratuitous levels. Again, it’s to overcome the barriers and distance of staging subtle actions on a large format platform, but the sensitivity of say, Regan’s self abuse with a crucifix, translates awkwardly in its overblown choreography. It’s less shocking and just toe-curling awkward in its grandstanding. Perhaps it’s just me, but I’d prefer to have seen this directed with more discretion. The act is terrifying, not the explicit action.Ben Kaplan as Damian & Paul Nicholas as Father Merrin. Credit The Other Richard.The sprawling cast of the film has been carefully distilled into a more focused lineup of key characters. Sophie Ward hands over a suitably angst-ridden Chris MacNeil. She shares a strong dynamic with Susannah Edgely, providing a convincing childishness as the girl at the heart of the horror. It’s an unforgiving and mechanical role in many ways, which comes close to tripping into comical hysteria, yet Edgely pitches it just at the right side of reality.The ill-fated Buerk, MacNeil’s camp confidant, gets some welcome development here, realised in a flourishing and fun performance from Tristram Wymark. In a small but integral role, stage and screen legend Paul Nicholas glides up as Father Merrin in a subtly withdrawn performance as the elderly priest. Again, much fanfare is made of his arch battle with the demon — something only hinted at previously yet is now a touch over-egged. The ill-fated Father Karras is sympathetically played if thinly written on the page, with Jonathan Blakeley adding some much-needed weight to his dialogue.The Demon is voiced by the unmistakable tones of Ian McKellen, in a pre-recorded track mixed into the live action. Perhaps due to the cachet of securing McKellen, his voice feels a touch over-deployed. We hear the Demon as an offstage character almost from the off — throwing out any question of the possession being a fabrication of Regan’s imagination — and it also lacks the ethereal, androgynous roar of the screen version. Quite simply, you never escape the fact it’s McKellen, and that’s a real barrier to fearing the invisible demon.It’s unfair to compare a film to a stage version, particularly a classic like The Exorcist, but the play’s popularity is undoubtedly riding on that reputation. The play is still entertaining, and there’s a surprising amount of production value invested in its run. From explosions to levitating bedsteads and crawling evils across walls, there’s clearly been a huge attempt to make this work within the theatrical setting. But the question remains: does it need to come to stage? Perhaps if it introduces a new generation to the story: ok, yes.The Exorcist feels like an adaptation from the book if it were to be a B-movie remake. All of the key features are there, but they’re roughly assembled in a heavy-handed fashion. Still, the source material is so strong there’s no escaping its captivating story and troubling themes. A harrowing adventure into the shadows of humanity, this show will undoubtedly shock audiences, but the novel and the movie remain the definitive versions. Most definitely a theatrical version of The Excorcist in every sense of the word.Cast: Paul Nicholas, Sophie Ward, Ben Caplan + voice of Ian McKellen Writer: William Peter Blatty, adapted by John Pielmeier Director: Sean Mathias Theatre: Manchester Opera House Running time: 150 minutes Dates: Tuesday 22nd to Saturday 26th October 2019.Tickets: read more

LIAT Buyout?

first_img Tweet BusinessLifestyleNewsRegionalTravel LIAT Buyout? by: Barbados TODAY – November 7, 2015 Share Sharing is caring! Sharecenter_img 1209 Views   4 comments Share BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Nov 07 2015 – Puerto Rico-based Seaborne Airlines, which operates in over 10 regional countries, is reportedly looking to set up a new base in Barbados, amid reports that it has also made a firm offer to acquire regional airline LIAT.Seaborne, which flies mainly 34-seater aircraft, operates in Anguilla, Antigua, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Puerto Rico, St Croix, St Kitts and Nevis, St Maarten, St Thomas and Tortola.Well-informed sources have told Barbados TODAY that Seaborne’s offer of US$100 million has already been put to the LIAT board by the company’s CEO Gary Foss.However, Foss could not be reached today for comment, but when contacted, LIAT’s Chief Executive Officer David Evans suggested the offer was no longer on the table.He also took issue with the $100 million figure, describing it as “completely erroneous”, but did not deny that the two sides have been talking.“As a matter of course, airlines will talk to each other on a regular basis about various relationships they might have with each other, and these can range from something as simple as inter-airline agreements or something major like an acquisition,” Evans said.However, he made it clear that “in the case of Seaborne Airlines, I can confirm that there is no plan for Seaborne to buy out LIAT” at this stage.“There have been discussions over the course of the year with Seaborne Airlines and those discussions remain confidential but I can tell you that they have been considered by the board of LIAT and, as a consequence, let me repeat that Seaborne will not be buying out LIAT,” he stressed.Also asked to comment today on the so called buyout proposal, the Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Richard Sealy, said he had just returned home from World Travel Market in London and would therefore have to look into the reports.He however revealed that Seaborne had expressed an interest in establishing a base of operations here, but he said those discussions were at “a very early stage”.“We’re open for business. There’s a process involved, but we’re looking to build our aviation industry,” Sealy said when asked whether Barbados would be interested in having Seaborne set up operations here.The latest development comes against the backdrop of recent talk of having LIAT change its base of operations from St John’s to Bridgetown.However, Evans assured today that the carrier, which is jointly owned by the Governments of Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Dominica, was staying put for now.He also commented on the performance of the Antigua-based airline, describing 2015 as “a relatively satisfactory year” for LIAT, with a strong performance “right up to the end of August”.“We have, as an airline, faced the tragedy that befell Dominica as a result of the damage that was caused by Tropical Storm Erika, and I have to say that our thoughts must always first and foremost be with the people of Dominica. That did have a negative impact on our business, but I think we can look forward to 2015 as being a year in which we achieved a number of our objectives.“We had two primary ones which were to complete the exit of our old fleet of Dash-8 aircraft and that is still on track for the end of the year. And the other major initiative we had was to reduce our staff members in line with the smaller size of our business and that is also on track,” he reported.Efforts by Barbados TODAY to reach St Vincent and the Grenadines’ Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, who is the chairman of LIAT’s shareholder governments, were unsuccessful.last_img read more

NTRC wants broadband strategy to focus on local content

first_img Tweet 143 Views   2 comments Share LocalNews NTRC wants broadband strategy to focus on local content by: Dominica Vibes News – April 21, 2016 Sharing is caring!center_img Share Share The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) is hopeful that the development of a National Broadband Strategy for Dominica will also focus on creation of local content and not just connectivity.A four day consultation, to develop a National Broadband Strategy, organized by the Ministry of Information, Science, Telecommunications and Technology in collaboration with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization (CTO), commenced here on Tuesday 19 April 2016 at the Fort Young Hotel.This strategy will be done through use of a country-wide broadband infrastructure for the acceleration, deployment and implementation of ICT Services to every building in Dominica including government and non-governmental agencies.NTRC’s Executive Director, Craig Nesty, who made the call for increased focus on local content while addressing the consultation, is of the view that while Dominica has “very robust networks” and two fiber connections into the island from the Global Caribbean Network (GCN) and East Caribbean Fiber System (ECFS), it lacks a crucial element which is content.“So we have immense connectivity. What we lack is the immense ability to leverage that technical connectivity locally,” Nesty indicated.“And I think any discussion around broadband will fail unless we deal with content and the creation of content locally,” he added.According to Nesty, this content does not necessarily have to come from the computer scientists.“If you’re a blogger, if you’re a writer, you can create content and I think our focus really, as Small Island Developing States, is to find a way to have more content created,” Nesty proposed.Nesty also lamented the national budgetary allocation for the telecommunications sector considering that there has been discussion about the need to invest equally in the amount of training and capacity building as is done in network deployment.He said while service providers are investing millions on network upgrade, the amount invested by government is significantly lower.“When you look at the budget put aside for telecoms, it was .133% of the overall national budget. With that type of focus on the development of content and the development of applications, no wonder broadband is seen as irrelevant for the masses in Dominica,” Nesty stated.Moreover, he said Dominica has 12/13% penetration rates compared to the developed societies where they have 60/70 percent development rates, but when citizens are interviewed about why they do not have internet at their homes, “their answers, most of the time is ‘I won’t pay eighty dollars for Facebook, I’ll wait until I get that for free’”.“Now that just shows that the internet is not doing what it was designed to do in Dominica and I put it to you, all it’s doing is actually making us poorer,” Nesty suggested and called for a paradigm shift here.“And unless we have Dominican content running on the internet, we have not really joined the internet, we’ve just amplified our consumer behavior to buy more stuff overseas and bring it to Dominica, to send more capital out of the island and become poorer,” he stated.“So I hope our focus on this broadband strategy will not only focus on connectivity and trying to get everybody connected, but focus on having a paradigm shift in the way we do things, having a paradigm shift in the way we live and trying to move more from being consumers, to being producers, and I think the internet provides an incredible opportunity for us to do that,” Nesty noted.last_img read more

Catholic Church to commemorate Maria’s anniversary with Mass

first_img Tweet Share Share Sharing is caring! Sharecenter_img 1094 Views   no discussions LocalNews Catholic Church to commemorate Maria’s anniversary with Mass by: Dominica Vibes News – September 17, 2018 Dean of the Roseau Cathedral Father Nigel KaramThe passage of Hurricane Maria will be commemorated tomorrow with a service at the Roseau Chapel.Dean of the Roseau Cathedral Father Nigel Karam in an interview with Dominica Vibes News on Monday 17 September, 2018 said the service will be held in remembrance for those who passed during Hurricane Maria. He also advised business owners to close as a mark of respect for those who passed last year. “We are organizing a service to commemorate the first anniversary of passage Hurricane Maria we know that it was a situation that has caused a lot of trauma to all our people and as well a situation we are still recovering from,” Fr. Karam said.Father Nigel Karam encouraged the public to join in the commemoration service tomorrow at 6 p.m.The sermon will be given by Bishop of the Diocese of Roseau Gabriel Malzaire.last_img read more

Argonauts In Second Place Following Windy First Day at GSC Championships

first_imgUWF shot 316 to sit six strokes behind defending champion and 20th-ranked Lee at 310. Montevallo is third at 317 with West Georgia at 327.  Print Friendly Version Senior Kayla Smith is tied for 16t at 82 and sophomore Alexandra Ozuna is in 21st position with an 84.  Junior Kelie Kan and freshman Ronja Taipale are also among the top 10 players as they find themselves tied for eighth after matching 8-over-par 79s. LIVE SCORING | MONDAY PAIRINGSTWITTER UPDATES FROM @UWFGOLFMOBILE, Ala.– The 29th-ranked UWF women’s golf team battled high winds and a saturated course to sit in second place after one round at the Gulf South Conference Golf Tournament on Sunday. In Monday’s second round, the Argos will again start their day off the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail Magnolia Grove Falls Course’s front side beginning at 9:30 a.m. UWF will play with Lee and Montevallo. Freshman Solange Gomez led the Argos on day one, signing for a 5-over-par 76 to sit in a tie for second place. Haverly Harold of Lee is in first with a 1-over-par 72. Gomez played the front nine at even par to take the individual lead thanks to a pair of birdies at one and nine, but struggled on the back nine with three bogeys and a double bogey over a 6-hole stretch to move to second place.last_img read more