Looking for a few ways to the exchange of a chain

however, when exchanging links, must open your eyes, a good Links, will bring you the weight, will bring you flow. But a bad link will drag you down, or even reduce the weight of your web site.

three, through our own website belongs to the search engine industry, such as: my site is visa website, then I enter the visa, then there is a visa website, we click into other sites, in general, if the owners need to Links will leave contact information on the website of the at the bottom. It is to achieve a kind of method we find friends chain.

, we use a powerful Tencent QQ when we find the group’s income, "the key Links" search out a large group, of course, if you need a little more accurate, such as I do is visa industry website, then I will search for "tourism Links" group by this way we search relevance join the high. Then the next step is to play your eloquence at the time, find the weight high webmaster to

In today’s



two, the use of special Links website platform such as search "Links platform" in Shanghai, appeared in front of us there are many Links exchange platform, here I recommend "go9go" platform, through the discovery, this station is the largest number, a platform to update the fastest. To register, fill in your web site, you can wait for someone to find you, of course, a good webmaster, we need to take the initiative to look for our own links.

generally speaking, only two sites are close to our general and the correlation with each other exchange, but does not rule out your mouth. What can persuade high weight website owners, if it is able to give you the weight is quite good. Route selection circle of Internet news Links we find three of the most commonly used methods:

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

as a webmaster everyone could not know the importance of the chain, the chain is king for the emperor, said the truth, with the love of Shanghai and other major engine algorithm change, the chain is more and more requirement for the webmaster, the general weight in the forum and signed with some reply the link can transfer almost useless, of course, we cannot Something is better than nothing. killed a pole.


so we should through which several aspects to our external links? First, there is Links soft soft release, there is a resource website, finally through the end of practices in the third party resource link. Today the Internet news selection circle is the first to say, how to find Links.

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: the special chain optimization can improve the site weight.

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