mprove web site chain optimization on the

website: website refers to the correlation correlation between the relative content of the website, such as the web experience sharing, this life encyclopedia > two

website optimization, is nothing more than content, the chain, the chain of three categories, the contents of the original, outside the chain of high quality, reasonable in the chain are three elements to enhance the website weight, the content and the chain is not today’s main content, so there is no longer described today and talk talk in the chain optimization the problem. Keywords within the chain refers to the website content page in the station to the URL link, this link in the beginning is to achieve the purpose of related content with jump, search engine promotion, within the chain is to enhance the user experience and improve an effective tool in the spider crawl, do Shanghai dragon, in the chain is considered to be a noticeable content.

Li not drawing, toss for a long time did not draw a good map, so you can imagine the website structure into a cone, the cone is home, and the waist is at the bottom of column, it is the content page, the love of Shanghai is a large net, you want to make love to you the Shanghai cone surrounded you have this big, deep inside the net, or is constantly using cone thorn to love Shanghai this big network, the depth of which either the website becomes more flat, increase love Shanghai and site contact, so flat means will become conical flat, let site corners and love Shanghai and achieve comprehensive contact the effect of the collected.

site structure: the website is to give users see, not to see the search engine, the first is to put the mind, so love in Shanghai "station guide: Shanghai love think what kind of website is more grab and included a" value in this paper have good web browsing experience, is first mentioned the site has a clear hierarchical structure, the site within the chain’s role is as much as possible will be the site of the flat structure.

has been in the chain that are many Shanghai Longfeng novice topic of concern, in the end is pointing to the home page? Or to the inside pages, many beginners are unknown so, some people say that the home page can improve home page weight and increase traffic, and some people say that not all point to the home page, otherwise it will reduce the weight in the end what is the talk of the town? The answer is: the two argument of, why? Look at the following analysis.

we usually operate mostly is a conical network, through a large number of page content, page updates frequently attract search engine included in the page content, and all of the chain link to the home page, which is equivalent with the grindstone to grinding cone, increase the sharpness, but the love of Shanghai is in constant forward, so the spear and shield the problem appeared, you continue to increase the sharpness of the tip of the cone, and the love of Shanghai is also increasing its thickness, the result is: even if you put the tip of the cone mill as a needle size, but can not let the conical bottom large body into love Shanghai so, it cannot let love Shanghai more included, improve weight is impossible.

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