Love Shanghai share should pay attention to what

4. share after entering the site is best to open several pages on your site, do not enter the website began to share share after leaving the site, after spending time in less than 10 seconds, this share is low quality, if there are a large number of such share, so the data utilization rate is not too high.

yesterday to see an article "how much love Shanghai website optimization share", describing the importance of sharing the love of Shanghai. So today Peng Jinjie would tell us how to love Shanghai share, we share in Shanghai sex should pay attention to what?

love love Shanghai love sharing tools, Shanghai official explained the "steady increase website traffic and search engine ranking tool WEB2.0". I believe you are on this site traffic steadily "to attract, so with the launch of Shanghai love sharing tools, share the data of each brush became popular, all love Shanghai share mutual brush QQ group also will follow. But the share of each brush is not casually to increase share by increasing the number of.

In 2012, Shanghai officially launched

3. share mutual brush to the attention of your traffic. Some people love Shanghai brush share all day in the QQ group information, share a hundred a day, when the site of your IP traffic enough is certainly no problem, but if your site has not formed the flow, so a large number of such share mutual brush data that may not lead to love Shanghai share the punishment, but you share data each brush does not play the role of 100%. Imagine your site a day 100 people to have 100 share data, do you think this is normal, the love of Shanghai is not a fool, so share mutual brush must pay attention to the "degree".

I love Shanghai sharing is a social sharing software, as long as we share the simulation of human habits, search and browse the web site to find – >

10 million do not use machine or software brush, especially small traffic sites. Some people want to speak, a substantial increase in Shanghai love to share data, then use the software brush love Shanghai share, is the most dangerous to do so, a sudden increase in the share data easily share love Shanghai notice, such not only can help you increase the number of shares, more serious is that will lead to a large number of data of the early you come to nothing love, disappeared in Shanghai home to share the thumb, this is on your web site, but the subsequent punishment, no matter how you share (normal share), these data will be invalid and will not increase your website to share data, no longer appear to love Shanghai thumb. (this is Xiamen Shanghai dragon’s own energy, the punishment is very serious, so brush share is taboo, you also don’t be used for malicious competitors websites)

2. share from Shanghai love search keywords into your page, the maximum love Shanghai share function. From the love of Shanghai to search your keywords into your site, to reflect the user experience of the website, the website is more effective.

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