Join the website of Shanghai dragon optimization how to write this off content


column page we sometimes not from mining, may the article page on the column page keywords to the home page or column page keywords to go above. Because here we can see the 58 city sites. It is not very clear, the above description give you written, we can refer to. The following attribute column page keywords, keywords, local industry keywords, through these 3 points can be brought into full play, practicality is very good.




love Shanghai know the huge flow, you can directly see the effect.

join the website of Shanghai dragon optimization how to write this off content. When the content of any website are indispensable. The web page content to do no good, no content, it is nice if just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, Flash and a large number of JS animation, so the speed of the page will close faster than you open. For example, the electric water heater this investment to join the site inside the product is that, finally said no words after all is said and done, moreover even with the emergence of new products also need to wait a long time. Also like the water heater merchants website contains mandatory pop, pop and frequent, which makes the original site of poor quality site one disaster after another. If there is no good content as a support, the website will not to mention the unable to get up after a fall, ranking and benefit. PC and M all cannot do without content, mobile phone website is not content to attract users, the entire site bounce rate will be very high. To join China Merchants website content Xiaobian to tell the how to do? A lot of the time we will understand the content of the website can be around the keywords to describe the content, but these words and how can we get the reference


three, the article page keywords can refer to know love Shanghai website

The front page of

two, column page keywords reference classification information website

column page reference classification information website


website do generally do love Shanghai index, search volume keywords, the keywords by Shanghai dragon optimization to love Shanghai home, can bring more traffic. Is to introduce traffic to the site, click to bring. Only the exposure site, is likely to bring consulting. Especially now we have a lot of enterprise website do local service or related products, search keywords are local, no one search, because we want to try to find what keywords, such as: Shanghai love index of water heater agent of such words.

can refer to the article page keywords know love Shanghai website

how to do?

, a reference to Shanghai love home main keyword index tool

main keywords can refer to love Shanghai index tool

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