Love the sea K station which site the most injured Do SEM is more important than the Shanghai Dragon

two: good SEM is more important than the Shanghai dragon

: the love sea K station, which was the most

recently webmaster circles discussed the most is "love the sea K station" this thing, sparked love Shanghai 6.22 and 6.28 two anti spam updates, love Shanghai this update according to the low quality of the site in the search results show more of control, no original or false original low quality part of the site was even K. Some owners was very grievances, and gathered together to discuss that love Shanghai". For this thing, I have to talk about their own views.


although the Shanghai dragon master, can often bring more low-cost source of traffic to a website. But in the industry has been a common view, SEM is well done, well done is more valuable than the Shanghai dragon. Especially for e-commerce sites, because the SEM is controllable, how much can produce much in return, there are real data can see, as long as the product is good, high conversion rate, can produce a virtuous cycle. Now there are a lot of Shanghai dragon Er, everyone has the experience and their own experience, but there are also some friends may become a search engine optimization over that of "cheating", such as the use of some websites or articles and is not related to the key words to guide the flow, or modify the title and text as the original content Shanghai, the dragon is sure to be in love with the sea K. Of course to do SEM than do Shanghai dragon is more difficult, the staff, the website product requirements will be higher. Now, Shanghai dragon training overwhelming, can do SEM less, some Shanghai dragon Er, can

site is K, the webmaster of natural Voices of discontent. But for those who do regular website content, is actually a good thing. Objectively speaking, the love of Shanghai is the first of a search engine company, is directly facing the ordinary users. If the user search out all depend on the acquisition, pseudo original content of the site, and the original intention, conscientiously to maintain the content of the website cannot be seen by the user to search, which in itself is not reasonable, so the love of Shanghai to make adjustments, it should be. Shanghai is in love optimization platform constantly, also is in the head of the living space optimization. From the owners point of view, should also take this opportunity to improve their ability and level of construction, may have greater growth.


by watching online some relevant posts and on some friends around the investigation, this is love sea K site is free of the original site, and very little original content, only through the acquisition and modify the content of the pseudo original website. July 2nd love Shanghai official also love Shanghai webmaster forum to explain this batch processing station, specifically refer to the official statement: 贵族宝贝bbs.zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/thread-6533-1-1.html love Shanghai.

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