Easily overlooked errors in Shanghai Dragon

ignored the importance of navigation


setting error

URL is often ignored by Shanghai dragon Er, URL is also a very big role, but because of the lack of URL set to grasp, to ignore a lot of details, result in an error. For example, for different servers, the size of writing is not able to mix, mix link structure is to distinguish the case, it is easy to cause there are a lot of 404 pages, 404 pages too much on search engines and the user is not friendly, so must be universal in lowercase when setting up URL, and you can use the Pinyin keywords "or" English keyword "deepen the search engine and user understanding.

Application of

in Shanghai Longfeng process, the vast majority of marketers are a serious mistake, that is the title tag are repeated in many settings, the Shanghai dragon ER in order to meet the search engine, to increase the page keywords ranking, often there will be multiple repeated words in the title tag, but there are improved, the is it a. The second is the list page or multi page content are often ignored in the label set, a list or a plurality of pages of content labels are exactly the same as that for large sites, repeat the title tag is too high, the search engine and the user experience is not ideal.


3, a 301 redirect problem

1, the title tag repeat

navigation and the importance of no ground for blame.

2, URL


Shanghai dragon is a search engine optimization, is to let the search engine will be the most valuable information fully displayed to the user. However, how to make better use of Shanghai dragon? With the continuous adjustment of the search engine, many marketers are need further exploration and research, however, the actual use of the process often many marketers into misunderstanding, at the same time there are still many mistakes, these days and months multiplying not improved effectively. Here the author as a Shanghai dragon Er, I also found a lot of easily overlooked the mistake, has carried on the collation and summary, I hope to help you, and more need to communicate with colleagues, mutual study progress.

301 redirect problem is often ignored by Shanghai dragon Er, is also the difficulty in Shanghai dragon in 301. Many of the CMS template also has many problems, such as: a lot of problems in the dedeCMS template in the 301 set, the home permanently redirected to index.html, which is directly caused by the dispersed site standardization problem and weight. Not only that, in the CMS channel page, page list also has 301 redirect, need to pay attention to. The planning in the construction of the chain in the process of using 301 URL redirection.

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