Floating population equalization of public services to expand the pilot

Provincial Health Planning Commission recently held the province to expand the implementation of floating population equalization of basic public service pilot special, decided in the national pilot city of Xining City, the implementation of the floating population health based on the equalization of basic public services pilot, 7 floating population concentrated in the county (city) to carry out pilot work at the provincial level. It is understood that there are 450 thousand floating population in our province. Among them, the inflow of 300 thousand people. Based on the provincial health and Family Planning Commission in Xining to carry out the equal access to basic public services of floating population of national health and family planning pilot work on the decision in the floating population concentrated in the peace, the Republic, Haiyan, Tongren, 5 Maqin county and Golmud, Yushu two provincial city to carry out pilot work, to further expand the equalization of basic public service range. The pilot area will give priority to the implementation of good health records, health education and vaccination of children, prevention and control of infectious diseases, maternal and child health, family planning and other 6 basic public services, and effectively protect the health of floating population of basic public services and family planning; to strengthen cooperation, family planning services to improve the management level of the floating population health; improve the service network. To strengthen the community, enterprises, factories and mines, the integration of urban and rural construction sites, markets and other floating population service management, strengthen grassroots health health service management capabilities; establish and improve the allocation of funds according to the resident population of the city’s health service management mechanism of capital investment, and actively explore the basic public services to accelerate the coverage of floating population policy measures.