Datong County held in 2012 poor college student funding ceremony

8 on the morning of 2012 31, Datong County held a poor college student financial assistance payment ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by the county propaganda department minister Sun Guiping. Municipal Committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang, county magistrate Han Shengcai, deputy secretary of the county Party committee and other leaders attended the meeting of the city and county, such as Mr. Feng Ming. County Township Mayor, the county government responsible for the relevant units, students and parents on behalf of more than and 100 people attended the ceremony.

release ceremony, vice mayor Li Tianlu informed the county in 2012 this year, funding poor students in Datong County to take government assistance, social donation, credit support, school breaks "multi financing student form, through the western development assistance project, the student union, the workers of administrative units, donations, green investment funds, Hongkong Charity Foundation grants, the national lottery freshmen funded projects, rural credit cooperatives, Datong County, Xining private entrepreneurs Wang Fengbin concert piano, Datong County in Datong County town village bank, Pok Oi Hospital, Kweichow Moutai, Qinghai tobacco, Hui Ji company funded a variety of channels, invested 1 million 641 thousand yuan funded 863 poor students. Ranked four in Xining City, the first of the three counties. County Bureau of education for a total of 2652 student loans, loan amount of $12 million.

to help poor students to go into higher education, Datong County Civilization Office in the depth of the county more than 130 poor students in the home, on the basis of investigation, take six measures, Autumn Dreams activities of poor students boost, has achieved remarkable results. first, actively and provincial, municipal civilization office contact for the western development student project 5 people, each funded by $20 thousand, the amount of $100 thousand subsidy. two is rural and national civilized unit Datong County Credit Union formed a consensus to promote the construction of civilized credit activities, to help poor students, the club has for 3 consecutive years to subsidize poor students 120 people, 1500 yuan subsidy per person, the amount of subsidy of 180 thousand yuan. three is an active consultation with the County People’s Hospital, the hospital has two consecutive years to support poor college students 20 people, each funded by $1000, the cumulative amount of $20 thousand subsidy. four is and the county private enterprise home contact, multi communication. North Township on behalf of the same village villagers Wang Fengbin do not forget his hometown to become rich, enthusiastic to do public welfare undertakings, deep in the hearts of poor college students, love move. This year, a total of 40 poor students funded, each funded by $2500, funding amounted to $100 thousand. five is and my county has a cooperative project of the private enterprises in good faith cooperation, extensive exchanges. Xining concert concert Gan Xiangyang, general manager of the fund to help poor college students 5 people, each funded by $3000, the amount of $15 thousand subsidy. six is the and the county financial unit communication, multi exchange. Datong County rural banks opened the village leaders learned that the flood disaster;