Datong Town, Datong County, held a warning Education Association

in order to further promote clean government, grasp the anti-corruption education of Party members and cadres, enhance the ability to resist corruption. Qiaotou town Party Committee on the morning of August 29th, the cadres at the regular meeting of cadres to watch the anti-corruption education. Warning education films with a unique perspective, through the Gansu kiln coal group Co., Ltd., the former party secretary, chairman of Li Renzhi’s real case, a true representation of the outstanding Party members and cadres corruption process. Comprehensive analysis of Li Renzhi’s corruption and corruption, reveals the root causes of his transformation and psychological motivation. There is in the film case shocked, the parties in the case of being the soul with deep hatred and resentment by the vibration.

this informative, profound analysis, thought-provoking anti-corruption warning film, to the presence of all Party members and cadres on a vivid warning education. By watching, we deeply realize that the main cause of corruption is the corruption of Party members and cadres, corruption is the root cause of destruction and misfortune. We also agreed to strengthen the construction of a clean government, we must establish a correct outlook on life, values and outlook of power, we must cultivate the good life style, consciously improve the ability to resist corruption, take practical action to implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, maintain the advanced sex of the Communist, make a positive contribution to the scientific development of the town.