Huangzhong to promote the village cadres zuoban

Huangzhong county through the clear provisions of the office hours, work tasks, improve security measures, the full implementation of the rural cadres’ work system".

in order to further standardize the management of village cadres, timely solve various problems encountered in the production and life of the masses, the implementation of the party’s policies in rural areas, and constantly improve the team cohesion and combat effectiveness of Huangzhong County, according to the actual implementation, all day long "Zuoban" in Sichuan water area, the implementation of the "mountain region in Zuoban, brain a mountain area and three, five" zuoban". The village cadres "Zuoban" implementation of the "people, fixed-point, timing, will be responsible for the main way of" four ", every Monday for the collective imprisoned, focus on learning the spirit of the document, superior work arrangements, handling daily affairs, accept the masses matters. The other time for the village two committees team members imprisoned in turn, focus on the handling of relevant matters the masses, for the masses to provide services, to facilitate the masses.

in the office during the village village cadres to deal with daily affairs, timely upload work, coordinate and solve practical difficulties and problems encountered in the production and life of the masses; provide policy, laws and regulations, village affairs consulting for the masses, agents of various approval; strengthen the management and use of village organization activities, maintain a clean and tidy environment, ensuring collective the safety of property; the use of modern distance education equipment and audio-visual equipment for Party members and the masses to carry out all kinds of practical technical training; visiting, actively mediating disputes, maintain the normal order of production and life; timely disposal of emergencies and major incidents, in a timely manner to the "two committees" of the village and township leaders report.

the township village cadres will "Zuoban" included in the implementation of the annual target responsibility assessment of village cadres, village cadres and subsidies, performance assessment and selection of hook, to further strengthen the work of village cadres responsibility consciousness. Take the township cadres package piece leadership and regular inspection, the Organization Department of the county were randomly selected as means of imprisoned system implementation is not in place of the village bulletin, to ensure the smooth progress of imprisoned system. (author: Su Jianping Li Haiming)