nternet plus era of Xining manufacturing towards Xining made

Internet plus age, as long as there is no problem of cross-border cooperation. In September 17th, according to the Xining Municipal Commission by letter information office responsible person, in order to highlight the regional cooperation, innovation driven, enhance the quality of industrial development, Xining will combine various resources to strengthen scientific and technological support, so that "made in Xining" to "Xining made" transformation and upgrading.

in the transformation, Xining city also plans to strengthen cooperation in the field of infrastructure construction, electronic information products manufacturing, information transmission and communication services, computer and software services, the development of modern service industry, promote the transformation of the information industry to digital, networked and intelligent direction, forming a group of backbone enterprises fast technological progress good economic benefits, high growth rate, strong industry relationship, promote the rapid development of information industry. Promote the expansion of existing industrial upgrading, and promote the development of electronic information industry, information products manufacturing, software development and outsourcing services to the high level, high quality, efficient development.