A total investment of 560 million yuan this year 9 projects in Xining City Huangshui River governanc

reporter learned from the Xining municipal government, Xining city this year, go all out to promote the comprehensive management of Xining section of Huangshui River Basin, plans to implement 9 Huangshui River pollution control projects, plans a total investment amounting to 560 million yuan. The main items are:

* the first sewage treatment plant, South City sewage treatment plant upgrade project. At present the focus of major pollutants in Huangshui River Basin and governance are ammonia nitrogen and total phosphorus, through the transformation and upgrade, can further reduce the amount of ammonia, which plays an important role in improving water quality in Huangshui river.

– ning Lake Wetland city sewage treatment project, the north and south two Ning Hu deposition and surface construction of floodplain wetlands 8 hectares, optimize the allocation of planted reed, calamus, cattail, bamboo and other aquatic plants, and the establishment of plant landscape in the surrounding, establish wetland ecosystem biodiversity and stability, further degradation of pollutants purification and first, third sewage treatment plant drainage, promote small Gorge Bridge section of water quality standards.

– 75 km urban drainage network transformation, to further improve the urban drainage network system.

– speed chase, Huangzhong city sewage collection pipe network construction. At present, Huangzhong County town of Datong two sewage collection capacity is weak, part of the sewage straight row of the Huangshui River, the implementation of the collection pipe network construction is very necessary.

– in order to realize the Huangshui River Basin pollution "complete collection and management, full control", to improve the construction of online monitoring system of sewage treatment plant. At the same time, this year the city will also do a comprehensive treatment planning of Huangshui River Basin, the comprehensive management of Xining environment using the world bank loan project work, efforts for the full realization of the Huangshui River pollution control targets. (author: small words)