2014 Xining, a number of health care reform initiatives in the forefront of the country

  Xining City, the country launched the first grading clinics, first started to carry out the floating population of basic public health pilot; family physician hospital reimbursement rate among the nation; the highest proportion of 90%, belonging to the forefront of the country. As the province’s health reform vanguard, in 2014, Xining, a number of health care reform measures in the forefront of the country.

over the past year, Xining has always been to promote health care reform as an important task to protect and improve people’s livelihood, adhere to the basic, strong grassroots, build mechanisms, and constantly deepen the reform of the medical and health system. Has financing 60 million 230 thousand yuan renovation and expansion of 51 township hospitals; 8 million 960 thousand yuan investment in the implementation of the 40 township hospitals and 934 village health room turnover room construction and renovation, realized each township has a standardized school, each administrative village health has a standardized health room goal. The city’s 36 county-level public health and basic medical and health institutions at all levels to achieve the full coverage of the township hospitals to help the counterpart of the 74. 5 municipal public hospitals to actively carry out the "midday outpatient service, the province’s most clean hospital, outpatient service demonstration window" content "first brand" to create activities, to further enhance the overall ability of medical service.

launched the first nationwide grading treatment measures, and introduced the detailed rules for the implementation of urban and rural residents in Xining basic medical insurance classification treatment system, to further simplify the referral procedures, standardize the referral process and is convenient for patients to see a doctor. Has 200 thousand people to implement after the first hospitalization settlement service, 8 medical and health service association were established in the three county, preliminary to the establishment of the county public hospital as a leader, township hospitals as the hub and the administrative village health room to the back of the grading clinics, two-way referral, personnel flow of medical and health services the new mechanism.

took the lead in the province to carry out digital mobile hospital rounds, mobile care, bedside settlement pilot. Public hospitals at all levels of the introduction of 21 convenience Huimin measures, and in the province to take the lead in the implementation of tight integration of urban and rural health services management and family doctors signing services, family doctors signed the highest rate in the country. In the country to start the pilot of the basic public health of the floating population, the city has established 56 thousand residents of electronic health records.

at present, the city’s medical insurance coverage rate of 99.2%, urban residents medical insurance rate of up to 99.6%, NCMS insurance rate of up to 99%, the establishment of urban and rural residents serious illness insurance system, the proportion of hospitalization reimbursement up to 90%.


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