Harbin, a candidate away from home for nearly two years, Xining police pull a thousand miles to help


News Network on April 3rd at 8 pm, for a few points not admitted to the Peking University Harbin examinee Wang and his parents in my city North Street police station under escort, boarded a flight to Xining airport in the direction of my hometown.

the evening of March 31st, North Street police station received a public warning: a young man by unidentified in the vicinity of our City Road 71 Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, people in the head on two bricks, fell to the ground when facial knock on the roadside road calculus, a face of blood athymia. The police rushed to the scene after the alarm, the comatose young sent to the provincial hospital for emergency treatment, because the young penniless, the leader in consultation with the hospital immediately after the decision, to be secured to the police station on behalf of the youth treatment costs incurred…… The second day, the young man came to the police, he came to Xining tourism, other words are not willing to say.

two days later, the police station and led many Wang to visit and persuasion, he finally will home address and parents’ phone to tell the police, and the police immediately contacted the parents in Harbin.

to April 3rd, rushed to Xining Wang’s parents and son cry on each other’s shoulder later told police that his son a few years ago because of the difference between the fraction of college entrance examination failed to be admitted into the north, has been declared "non Beijing no" his spirit has been hit hard, feel no face to face their parents and other relatives and friends, for the previous year to summer carry a bank card quietly away from home, this walk is nearly two years, anxious parents when they have a lot of white hair. April 3rd night before returning to Harbin boarding, they once again expressed his deep respect and gratitude to the North Street police station leaders and police. (by boat)