Datong County mountain scenic area development when Neiwaijianxiu

July 18th, the newspaper "to promote the good and the beautiful castigate falseness change bad habits, making in action! "A group of pictures received the knife making column, the picture reflects recent Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Master Mountain Scenic Area on the square of the uncivilized behavior, the knife said:" these years, Datong County mountain scenic tourist is increasing, although the famous scenic spot more and more familiar, but the scenic beauty and scenic spots square poor sanitation in stark contrast. Some people uncivilized behavior, let the tourists greatly disappointed, serious damage to the beauty of the image of Qinghai."

18 in the afternoon, after the rain of the master mountain scenic area, cool leisure of the public, visitors come to play an endless stream, came to the scenic spot on the left side of the leisure area, indecent behavior can be seen everywhere. A woman with a child sitting in the leisure area on the bench, shoes askew, while shaking legs, while nibbling the seeds. Not far from the side of the stool, lying down two men, lay asleep, spoil the enthusiasm.

reporter at the scene, not far away in front of the master mountain scenic area, a roadside Zuiwo man in Shitai, really is "snore like thunder, taunted by people" style, let pedestrians. In front of the scenic spots, many tourists are taking pictures, but a large bag of garbage thrown in the entrance area. In front of the bed was used as stools, beds of the pressed reel right and left. Cigarette butts, peel, melon skin, waste paper, rotten fruit…… The garbage can be seen everywhere in front of the gate. Nearly two hours, the entire scenic spot, the reporter did not find a cleaning staff. With the development of tourism in our province, to come to the master of the mountains to play an increasing number of tourists, whenever the occasion of the Spring Festival, the country is an endless stream of visitors. Last year, the master mountain scenic area was named 4A level scenic spots, however, due to the scenic spots in front of a wide area, people and tourists health consciousness, environmental consciousness, social ethics consciousness affects the whole scenic landscape Rongjing appearance. Old hill is our province famous scenic spots, but the development of tourism can not lay on the famous laurels, have inside and outside to keep pace with the times. (author: Liu Peng Qi Xiaojun)

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