During the Spring Festival, more than two thousand armed police officers on duty patrol security

during the Spring Festival, Qinghai Provincial Armed Police Corps million soldiers on patrol day and night stick line, rigorous style, excellent quality, dedicated service and guardian of peace, to ensure that people of all nationalities live a happy and peaceful Spring festival.

Corps Command Center in the field of duty officers through the command system to guide the officers and men on duty to fulfill their duties. Corps Combat Service Director Yang Long said that the Corps set up a special service guidance group, in conjunction with the local public security departments to survey the terrain, security risk assessment, demonstration of power allocation, careful planning, a clear division of tasks. Corps commander Yang Xiong, political commissar Lu Guangyong and other leaders braved the cold of more than 10 degrees below zero, the soldiers divided into multiple channels, in front of the line of supervision services, visit condolences on duty officers and men, with their exemplary role in encouraging the morale of the troops.

cold wind, such as knives, chill Qin bone, 4868 meters above sea level on the Kunlun Mountains, the detachment of the seventeen squadron leader Yang Fuxiang is leading the officers and men in the Qinghai Tibet Railway Kunlun Mountains tunnel around the patrol. The snow on the ground is 30 centimeters thick, exhaled breath instantly condensed into the frost, the officers and men in the snow in the hard March, while keeping their eyes open around the situation. Due to the adjacent Hoh Xil Nature Reserve, officers and soldiers in addition to patrol to exclude some of the usual security risks, but also pay attention to prevent wildlife damage to the railway fence.

at a distance of more than 1 thousand and 300 km from Xining city mangnai Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the detachment of soldiers and police mangnai a hundredfold, alert, night guard in and out of Xinjiang highway — 315 national highway. In recent years, we have arrested more than and 10 fugitives online, seized drug trafficking cases from the 3." Ling lie in the cold wind, officers and soldiers combat readiness, adhere to the "good" Qinghai have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, the west gate "!" Oath.

New Year’s Eve, Xining central square, decorated, fireworks. Despite the cold wind, but the Xining detachment of soldiers on duty did not reduce the standard of work, always do neat police, on duty according to law. Look at the lanterns from the side of the people passing by, not to pay tribute to the earth, but also more peace of mind.

it is understood that during the Spring Festival, the Corps detachment two organs have been pumping sent more than 100 cadres at the grass-roots level of front-line duty, sent more than 50 patrol group, strengthen the warning of key square, airport and train station etc.. At the same time, also organized the cold, under high altitude military equipment pulling exercises, staying-up late on new year’s Eve for the motherland and the people with practical action on training.


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