Xining City Association warm tips buy moon cake more attention

The upcoming Mid Autumn Festival, the moon cake consumption peak is coming, so consumers need to pay attention to what the problem in the purchase of moon cake? In September 22nd, reporters interviewed on more than Xining City Consumers Association Secretary General Li Dong. Li Dong said that consumers need to pay attention to the following three aspects of the purchase of moon cake.

retain proof of purchase convenience rights

within the warranty period, the moon cake mold false and high price of moon cakes, moon cakes are tying other commodities counterfeit is the Mid Autumn Festival in previous years, several problems of high rate of consumer complaints. For such outstanding problems, Li Dong suggested that consumers buy moon cake, we must pay attention to the selection of a full range of shops. Whether it is to buy a box or bulk moon cake, should be selected in the license complete shopping malls, supermarkets, shops, pastry shops to buy. And pay attention to view the moon cake production date, shelf life, the name of the factory site, product implementation standard number and health license number. Special attention should be paid to see the production date of the box label and the production date of the bulk moon cake box. To retain the purchase vouchers in order to litigation rights, once the problem found in the moon cake to reflect the functional departments.  

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