Public hospital drug procurement two votes system

according to the relevant notice of national spirit, to promote the healthy development of the pharmaceutical production and distribution industry, recently, the province to develop the "on the Qinghai public medical institutions to implement the" implementation of the views of the two drug procurement vote "" (Trial), the implementation of the "two vote in public medical institutions across the province comprehensive drug procurement".

implementation of the "two votes", aimed at deepening reform in the field of drug circulation, reduce intermediate links and reduce the false high price, purifying the circulation environment, to crack down on "anchored" votes "in medicine purchase and sale of illegal behavior, to guarantee the safety and use of urban and rural residents maintain people’s health rights and interests. The province’s public medical institutions to implement drug procurement "two votes", that is: from the pharmaceutical production enterprises to the pharmaceutical circulation enterprises to issue an invoice; by the pharmaceutical distribution companies to public medical institutions issued a receipt.

It is reported that

, in order to secure the implementation of "two votes", does not affect the medical needs of clinical treatment, according to the reality of our province, small dosage distribution radius, high distribution cost, the province’s public medical institutions drug procurement and implementation of direct mining "two votes", allowing the grassroots medical institutions based on "two tickets system" on another medicine purchase and sale invoices, gradually implement the system of two votes".

according to the views of the December 15, 2016 execution of the drugs, with direct sampling and an agent of the drugs to implement the "two votes", the original delivery companies. In 2017 a new round of drug classification results of procurement execution, encourage drug production enterprises and an agent for the province’s medical institutions and circulation enterprises direct distribution, expand direct mining and an agent varieties of drugs, to further improve the drug procurement and distribution system, accelerate the implementation of "two votes".

advice and clear public medical institutions in the province with the use of medicines and supplies must be through the province of medicines and medical supplies centralized procurement platform to purchase, not for any reason and the way to avoid or evade disguised pharmaceutical supplies online purchase, must be open and transparent procurement behavior. The province’s public medical institutions and drug supplies online procurement rate to reach 100%, drug delivery rate to reach more than 98%.


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