The new mechanism of three prominent innovative work in the north of the city

north of the city to seize the favorable opportunities for urban and rural comprehensive reform, and constantly deepen the population and family planning efforts, focus on key areas and key links to achieve new breakthroughs. First, highlight the interest oriented mechanism innovation. Through careful study of the family planning policy, and strictly implement the family planning policy to enjoy preferential policies, and constantly improve the reward, assistance and protection as the main content of the interest oriented policy system. Two is to highlight the quality of service mechanism innovation. To strengthen business training, to further standardize the management of technical services, deepen the reform to promote contraceptive work, focusing on technical services of high quality comprehensive services, continue to meet the needs for health knowledge of the growing urban and rural planning. Three is to highlight the floating population service management mechanism innovation. To further increase the flow of population and family planning service efforts, and constantly improve the floating population contraceptive distribution mode, to further promote the floating population equalization of basic public services, accelerate the establishment of a new mechanism of the floating population family planning work and management services, information sharing, regional cooperation, two-way assessment ".


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