Xining fire brigade to determine the first half of the city’s key units of fire safety

  Qinghai news network recently, Xining fire brigade closely combined with hidden governance year special inspection activities, after a large number of Mopai survey to determine the first half of the city’s 702 key units of fire safety. From April 1st to May 10th, the fire department will conduct random checks of more than and 300 key units, focusing on building or site fire approval procedures are complete, whether accord with the nature of the use of the buildings, evacuation routes, safety exit, fire evacuation signs, car and fire channel spacing are in accordance with the provisions, the six aspects of fire protection facilities in operation check etc.. The discovery of the problem, will be subject to registration, and notify the relevant units for rectification, the discovery of major fire hazards, will be reported to the government to supervise the handling area. At the same time, the fire department will also take this opportunity to establish and perfect the checks, the area key unit of fire safety supervision file, and combined with the actual unit to do the key unit fire revision operation plan, organize timely fire exercises.   (/> );


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