Xining Yang Village four community water supply pipeline fracture urban water supply

November 1st, Xining Yang Jia Zhai village four water supply pipeline suddenly broken, nearly 2000 people from the Village draft difficulties, the nearest public toilets, became the only source of water, from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m., a long winding to the toilets, toilet water supply staff free for the masses, help people survive.

it is understood that the fracture water supply pipeline in service for 18 years, and the pipeline laying on the villagers homestead, during the villagers have mostly covered buildings, roads have been hardened, which means that the water pipes need to re lay, was unlikely to supply a short time.

Yang Li Yumei, deputy director of the village women’s Federation, due to this segment of the floating population concentration, daily water consumption, the only access to water is near the Western District of urban management under the jurisdiction of public toilets. After the pipeline rupture, immediately to the west of the district urban management brigade for help, in charge of the district director of the West District Urban Management Bureau Wang Yongbo a "would rather temporarily shut down public toilets, also let people have water to eat" words, warm the hearts of the masses.


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