Xining Housing Fair turnover of more than 600 million

by the Xining evening news exclusive hosted "charm of summer, livable city" 2013· Xining real estate industry trade fair cum Home Furnishing days before the curtain falls. The current housing fair lasted 11 days, turnover of commercial housing units of 682, with a total turnover of an area of more than 90 thousand square meters, the total turnover of $629 million 700 thousand, an increase of more than 7 times compared to last year.

current housing fair in Ningxia housing, Albert, limeng, three Yu, Hengda, poly, Sun Fu, tamie Hengchang and other real estate enterprises, inside and outside the province famous real Home Furnishing building materials enterprises nearly 100 exhibitors, more than 100 boutique real estate exhibition houses, display products covering residential, commercial, apartments, villas and other business covers the vast majority of the Xining market on the quality of housing. This room during the Expo, in order to enable the people to enjoy more benefits, the developers planned a special home draw, "the preferential storm" such as multiple manners concession activities, at the same time, the youth group launched to meet the demand of small and medium-sized real estate sales led to the apartment layout. Tens of thousands of sets of houses to broaden the choice of buyers face, attracting a number of first-time buyers and improve the just need buyers flocked to the show, the purchasing power of rational release during the housing fair. As a benchmark for the second half of the property market, this exhibition will be the debut of many new projects, the higher the degree of concern, the broader scope of the participants to build the election room, so that the volume continues to rise.

current housing fair propaganda "charm of summer, the city livable city" brand, to meet the public housing "demand", to further promote the harmonious and healthy development of the real estate market in Xining, the exhibition for the popular attention of the masses, scheduled for the end of the 6 day exhibition extended to 11 days. In order to allow the public to better understand the information of the housing fair, the Xining evening news on the opening day of the publication of the "building Festival" special issue, the length of the 44 Edition details of the concessions, some exhibitors and real estate. During the housing fair dispatched reporters to follow up the full coverage of the grand event, creating a good atmosphere for publicity. (author: Song Jia)

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