10 units of the Ministry of agriculture in the province of the Ministry of agriculture aquaculture d

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture announced the eighth batch of national aquaculture demonstration field list, our province Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County Changfeng Agricultural Development Co. Ltd., Guide plateau County mitten crabs farming cooperatives and other 10 units won the Ministry of agriculture aquaculture demonstration title. Up to now, the province approved the Ministry of agriculture aquaculture demonstration farm has reached 26. Cage aquaculture enterprises, 19, accounting for 73% of the total number of aquaculture demonstration farm.

since 2008, aquaculture demonstration activities to create a field to carry out self, and actively guide the aquaculture enterprises and cooperatives through the improvement of aquaculture facilities, perfect management system, strengthen technological innovation, expand technical services, and comprehensively promote the healthy aquaculture farms, efforts to improve the level of equipment, improve production standards, improve the management system, expand the scope of radiation, a strong impetus to the aquaculture standardization, branding, industrialization, accelerating the transformation of fishery development, to comprehensively improve the health level of culture has played an important role in promoting the demonstration. (author: Luo Lianjun)


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