Before the Spring Festival, many initiatives to stabilize prices

over the past few days, Datong County through the implementation of the county vegetables and meat production, reserves, supply, market price law enforcement inspection and other effective measures to strictly control prices, to ensure that the masses have a good spring festival.

it is understood that the county comprehensive law enforcement team every in-depth bridge the farmers market and government parity outlets, to collect 30 kinds of product prices, statistics to calculate the daily the main vegetable retail price and each store retail price of cheap agricultural products, the stringent requirements of the store with the lowest price to sell. County leadership team member price stability control units and 100 price duty supervisor, every day all the shops along the streets, in-depth County supermarket, carpet market supervision and inspection of law enforcement, education and punishment on the illegal activities of the processing business, to ensure market order and stability.

at present, the market price significantly improve, the vast majority of shops along the street can be priced and discount none activities in reality, full of sound and colour. Cheap operating outlets of beef and mutton prices lower than the same homogeneous market price 6 yuan per kilogram; pork prices lower than the market price of 2 yuan per kilogram in the same homogeneous; the average selling price of vegetables is lower than the market price of 1 yuan per kilogram in the same homogeneous. Parity shop goods supply adequate, the price is lower than the market more than 15%, especially agricultural super docking vegetable shop vegetable variety, excellent fresh dishes, Gouxiaoliangwang market, the overall appearance of the commodity prices steadily trend, people really enjoy the benefits of government control price stability.


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