Rural entrepreneurship good project – sharing

venture project selection to the quality of the relationship with rural projects can quickly gain market recognition, in fact, rural entrepreneurship is a certain advantage, a lot of people think rural development has no future, have embarked on hard work, those north of Guangzhou Shenzhen in the big city for the rural areas, in fact, it has many advantages, such as resource, rent low, in today’s rapid economic development, as long as the selection of projects in rural entrepreneurship can also get a good development.

– venture projects in rural areas of organic vegetables

"during the Spring Festival, people’s consumption increase. Doubling sales of organic vegetables." A small supermarket chain boss said to the media. On organic vegetables, there are a lot of people grab fresh to open the market, people no longer strange. With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demand for food has changed from "food and clothing mentality" to "nutrition and health", and the organic vegetables in the supermarket are also quietly from the expensive into a daily just need resources.

back fresh throughout the process to sell the trend before, peanut Qiaoxiao! Season production of fresh peanut is blank, fresh difficulty plus people in the harvest season in order to satisfy their appetites, no matter for the majority of farmers and consumers are very sorry.

opened to connect the garden and vegetable market car, can not only solve the labor intensity of the constitution dish selling vegetables, but also can make the combination of supply and demand and market garden. If the shop to open the paging delivery, but also to meet the needs of housewives cooking nutrition and delicious.

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