Sushi dishes like Sakura brand choosing Chrysanthemum

each of the food and beverage items have their own brand leader, hot pot in the sea fishing, sushi, there are sushi. Natural food status unshakable. If you invest in a sushi restaurant, it will be a good choice.

rotary sushi is a kind of new food culture mode, which is a perfect combination of Japanese traditional diet and modern mechanical technology. A variety of exquisite sushi in different price said plate, and then through the conveyor line like rotating in front of consumers, the ratio of sample model on the menu menu photos and store more vivid, not only to attract customers more attention, more comprehensive show features can make the customer sushi, impression of a variety of exquisite Sushi more profound. And the food can be taken directly in front of the eye, than the ordinary self inferior meal is more labor-saving and convenient, consumers can continue to get direct stimulation and continuous consumption.

chrysanthemum Sakura, adhering to " fashion trendy " business philosophy, according to the current market situation of sushi, sushi market for in-depth investigation; exploring how to more effectively reduce the restaurant business cost, improve the quality of services to enhance the competitiveness of products. In recent years, chrysanthemum Sakura continued to increase capital investment, establish and improve the rotary Lve our joining system, constantly optimize the management system and the optimization of product quality management of the major stores, to provide a stable and substantial investment income for each big stores. Strive to become the most potential Chinese, let the customer trust international catering management services operator


how to join the characteristics of the traits, what to join security, what are the advantages? See the following details:

features to join the protection of

site security, decoration support, technical training and protection, human resources output protection, operational support, event planning and protection, core material distribution support, new supply security, after-sales service protection

traits to join the advantages of

brand advantage

chrysanthemum Sakura is Billy Bob Thornton Investment Group’s famous chain restaurant brand, the company strong, high visibility, has been China catering industry ten influential brands, China food franchise 50 companies and other awards, and to become the most influential Chinese catering leader.

business advantage


unified image, unified service, unified management, unified distribution, unified propaganda, so that the company’s stores can effectively realize the sharing of resources, thereby reducing the franchisee operating costs, maximize efficiency and effect.

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