According to the Lu’an security drill a big parties expressed dissatisfaction with the sub

some time ago, people have seen such a headline news, said the security department to climb out of a big uncle. In fact, when the uncle in the conveyor belt finishing things, accidentally taken into. Mr. Zhang, the son of the matter, Mr. Zhang in Hefei denounced some media untrue reports, and called on the media and friends to stop the psychological damage to the parties.

Zhang reduction of what happened to the reporter: his father, on the same day, it is the event in the uncle, his mother sent by train to Hefei, as with many things, especially for young granddaughter in Hefei with a box of egg, in security, the distortion of the egg box look, Grandpa worry is squeezed bad egg, eat a little granddaughter between soil egg of the family is not busy, he went to help a lower egg box. Which one foot stepped on the security instrument conveyor belt, it was taken over.

Zhang said his father in the evening to see some reports on micro-blog, very angry, until 8 am or so did not sleep around 1. "False reports there are three main points; one is, there are reports that" the reporter contacted the police on duty at the time, according to its introduction, the uncle is ready to go out alone, high-speed rail ride from Jinzhai to Hefei, this is obviously not, he sent my mother to Hefei; two. A report says, "an over sixty years old man……" This is my father, not less than 60 years old this year; three is reported to have said, "the police escort, opened Easy Access will send the car uncle ‘, which is more pulled, the station did not open Easy Access, my father did not come to Hefei."

false news, to the old man and his family to bring more harm, this is a small accident that you engage in an old man makes sense?" Mr. Zhang called, please stop the psychological harm to the elderly. At the same time, Mr. Zhang JinZhai Railway Station police station in Lu’an without the consent of the parties, the event will be disclosed to the public practice, expressed extreme dissatisfaction.

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