Chongqing small join cost Which family is strong

when it comes to the delicious taste of pasta, presumably everyone is very interested in the unique food Chongqing noodles. Many foreign investors have come to Chongqing to learn the technology and join Chongqing. So, in the end, which is a small Chongqing to join the good, the cost of joining the Chongqing small number, let us work together to understand the next bar.

said the impression of the city of Chongqing, people must first think of the hot pot, beauty, mountain, and so on, but there is also a kind of food in Chongqing is also popular than the hot pot, the people of Chongqing that is a small. Chongqing small noodles is a delicacy in the mountain city of Chongqing is known to every family, the people of Chongqing only accepted pasta, in a part of town Chongqing eyes Chongqing small noodles is like life, every day a bowl. So what is the charm of Chongqing noodles? First seasoning, seasoning is a small soul. A bowl of noodles with seasoning flavor. First adjust the seasoning, and then add cooked noodles. Spicy taste and no irritation, smooth chewy noodles, soup aroma, taste.

Chongqing facet approach is not the same, the taste is also different. Don’t think just Chongqing small noodles, noodles and seasoning in fact, noodles and add seasoning blending, make the noodles with seasoning Shannon, seasoning inside the noodles mellowness, this unique taste shock absolute realization of the 1+1> effect; 2.

Chongqing noodles which family is best to eat? Chongqing small material used, unique production process, taste delicious, the major stars are full of praise, never forget it. To Chongqing, in addition to remember its beauty is the old city street Chongqing.

cut into the main topic, how much the cost of joining Chongqing small. On the market to join a large number of small brands in Chongqing, charges are not the same. Franchise fees ranging from 10000 to 80000 yuan. Chongqing small join small investment, high returns: investment million, 1-2 people can shop operations, one month to recover the investment, the 100 day to become the envy of all small food boss!

to say now what the development of the industry is hot, the catering industry will be among them, but also because of this, the catering market competition is increasingly fierce, so for investors who want talent shows itself in the catering industry, we must first grasp the business opportunities, choose well-known brand is very important. Pasta investors want to do business, Chongqing small is a good choice.

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