Enterprise operation has five tips to teach you to successfully cross the start-up period

entrepreneurship will encounter a variety of problems, the start-up period is a matter of a period of time, if you do not know skills, you may want to stay in the boot mode for a long time. If you keep telling people that you’re just a startup, you’ll never take action to make real growth.

1.  delegation. When you are in the start-up phase, you have to deal with everything in person. To make the company grow, you must invest in human capital to complete the work you can no longer do. 3/4 of small businesses have no employees, forcing people who have problems to delegate to others. You must expand your business. It is not appropriate to think that the cost of human resources is too high. Insufficient production and expansion of business failure to spend more.

2.  selective combat. When it doesn’t matter at all, don’t let the problem of identifying signs haunt you for a week. Your brand image will evolve as your business grows, so your logo is likely to change. There are more important things to consider – winning customers and making money. Don’t shoot a mosquito when you’re hunting for a big game.

3.  attention. The biggest problem facing every startup is its reputation. Your most important task is to make you and your company get attention. It’s the gateway to every dollar you raise. Mohamed · Ali (Muhammed  Ali) who knew he had told the world long ago that he was the greatest. He got attention and angered people. But he proved himself, which turned the criticism into a world of praise. Get attention. Under criticism. And then get appreciation.

4.  change your self recommendation. Instead of saying, "I have a small web design company," instead, "I have a website design company. Notice the difference?   the first statement makes you seem small and insignificant. It didn’t make a statement. The second argument makes you unique, confident and capable of becoming a person who makes money. Know how to conduct effective self recommendation and business promotion. Get ready to quickly explain that your company is doing better, faster and more valuable to the market. Then, to the world loudly announced.

5.  create a sense of urgency. If you start creating a business without setting a specific timetable for action and achievement, you will always have an excuse to stagnate. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my business is that I don’t have enough sense of urgency to run a business. Being an entrepreneur is a marathon with a lot of sprints. Win a lot of small games for your employees and companies to provide power. Recently, we had a television show in my office, and I told the editors that I wanted to cut out half the time they thought it would take. Then I ask for updates every day. The pressure to accomplish this task

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