Bookstore location a real case worthy of attention

although people now do not want to invest in the bookstore, but the characteristics of the bookstore investment, attracting young consumers is really a lot of. Bookstore location should follow what principles, we can see from a case.

The rule of 28

8 11, the first Fitch store and Abercrombie  store in Hongkong,; &. On that day, the central Pedder street and Tongluowan Hysan place has become Hongkong’s most crowded place.

had a lot of people are worried, in selling high-end brand of Tongluowan development Plaza opened its first store in Hongkong, from the 8 floor to the 10 floor even rent 3, an area of 41 thousand square meters, the rent burden may be too heavy. Many private bookstores, including Raffles stores have Jifeng bookstore, because no preferential rent off.

They are

8 22, in the blue harbor shop closed after 6 days, Beijing one-way street Bookstore posted a new log on the website: "re start, we set off!"

the log announced one way street with the Chaoyang joy signed new contracts. This is almost always a good news – at least, they finally know that complaining is useless.

2012 June 18th, the bookstore began looking for more investors – 1000 masters. 8 days, a total of 1073 people participated in the event, raising about $236 thousand. This gives it a more intense "idealism" tragic image.

since its opening, there is a one-way street in the "public space" image.

this with its 6 founders about. They from the Economic Observer newspaper after leaving, each invested 50 thousand yuan, looking for a place to hire a manager, on

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