Silk road express to promote the development of Lanzhou

ancient Silk Road to the people left a deep impression, but also led to the economic development of the era, so that China’s silk to the world. As one of the important sites of the Silk Road in Lanzhou, in twenty-first Century also attracted much attention, and now the new silk road to restart, both the heritage of culture, but also led to the rapid development of the local economy!

27 at 13:49, the first trip to the Lanzhou New District, the title of the K861/2 times the silk road express on time from the Lanzhou station to open, 2500 kilometers away from the north of the Guilin all the way to fly away. At 20:57 on the same day, the Lanzhou Railway Bureau also opened the first trip to the Lanzhou international port code named Lanzhou to K1042/41 times the Silk Road express". So far, the Silk Road Express train series brand "as the theme of the 23 of the total passenger lantie Bureau, which they actively comply with national Belt and Road Initiative" development strategy, active service Gansu Ningxia two provinces of the economic and social development, continuous innovation, vivid practice of the effective supply of railway passenger convenient people travel.

first to Lanzhou to Guilin, North K861/2 times "Lanzhou New District" brand train.

the opening line of "Lanzhou New District" brand the 13:49 train from LanZhou Railway Station to Guilin north station driving time is third days 05 hours 21 minutes, Gansu, Shaanxi, Henan, way of Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi and other 6 provinces, Dingxi, Longxi, Tianshui, docked in Baoji, Xi’an, Luoyang, Dengzhou, Kinmen Changde, Yongzhou, Guilin, North 30 stations, one-way running 39 hours 32 minutes, running distance of 2512 km. "Lanzhou New District" brand train 09 30 from the Guilin north station to return, on the way stop South, Yongzhou, Shaodong, the Xiangyang, Luoyang, Huashan, Xi’an, Baoji, Tianshui, Longxi, Dingxi, Lanzhou and other 28 stations, the next day at 21:25 return to the LanZhou Railway Station, one-way running 35 hours 55 minutes. Full fare: hard seat 268.5 yuan, 455.5 yuan hard floor, shop 472.5 yuan, 487.5 yuan lower berth, soft upper 718.5 yuan, 751.5 yuan lower berth.

passenger at the Lanzhou Railway Bureau responsible person, this is a set of high-quality tourist train of western culture, silk road culture and the Yellow River culture as a whole, in Lanzhou, Lanzhou to fully demonstrate the delicacy history and culture of Lanzhou, Lanzhou, Lanzhou, the Silk Road style art in Lanzhou and Lanzhou drama profound cultural core at the same time, in accordance with the "new taste and the highlight, new feeling" concept, the cultural elements of beef noodles, Zhongshan bridge, carved gourd, sheepskin rafts and the Yellow River water tankers, the Yellow River mother sculpture and other geographical characteristics of the train into the environment, make the train into Gansu to the world and the world to understand Gansu’s "floating window".

"this train, is to sum up the existing experience, innovation based on the supply of passenger transport, efforts to create a passenger service recommended

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