Operating alternative pets make money easy

to pet the current status in the family, a lot of people are aware of the fact that pet business is a good business to make money, but the number of traditional pet shop has very many shops, the competition is very fierce. On the contrary, if the operation of alternative pets, no doubt will have a better development prospects, make money easier.

a turtle attracted hundreds of bidders

"America big turtle, just bought a year ago, eat and drink can huan. Now weight up to 5 pounds, and a long green hair. 1600 yuan sharp to?" Yesterday, a website in Qingdao forum, a very unique promotion of "post" published in a prominent position, under the post also hung out a "commodity" portrait – a long fangs and claws "mossback" bite a thumb thick big loach.

reporter found that nearly 200 followers, of which half said the intention of the transaction, the price was once the top to $2500. The post is issued after half a day, a Jiaozhou netizen "porridge porridge" to 2800 yuan bought, he said "green hair snapping turtle is very handsome, can not be met. Keep up to 6 pounds and then can sell at least $3500, more money than stocks."

yesterday afternoon, the reporter through multiple channels linked to sell the turtle man Zhang, he said the turtle is from Shanghai last February a "climb" friends that spend 900 yuan to buy. And he himself in the vicinity of the Quartet Metro opened an alternative pet shop, as well as a variety of turtles, lizards, pythons and other varieties.

rare reptile can sell millions of

"this is a turtle, named three Cuora trifasciata, this is my town store treasure, the value of a few million yuan. My friend opened a pet shop in Guangzhou, twenty thousand yuan into one, the product is very good, feeding is also professional, and finally be a foreign trade business to climb a friend to buy 900 thousand yuan, when the gift to the customer."

in this shop, Zhang showed a pattern of the only money turtle, told reporters at the same time, also familiar to reporters introduced 20 kinds of face "ugly" reptiles: one meter long snake, lizard, Iguana iguana, small, long snapper, snapping turtle, spider, golden Python etc.. He said, snapping turtle space to appreciate the most, "American varieties, not a small number of large-scale farming and therefore the feeding cost is not too high, just feed the fish and meat. One year old turtle, spent 400 yuan a month at most."

Zhang referral, the reporter visited the home of Ningxia Road, young friends climb the 19 year old Li Jing (a pseudonym), "this is my pet iguana, is a species of lizard from Southeast Asia, not wild, raised several generations. Get in the bedroom, it is very good."

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