How to do well the development of education industry in Dalian

education is a key topic of concern for the whole nation, the development of the country can not be separated from the talent, personnel training and education is the key. For education reform and innovation, all over the country have their own way. So, Dalian how to do a good job in the development of education industry? How to do Internet plus education?

6 18, free trade zone wisdom education industry forum held in bonded eco city. The forum invited the influential experts in education, the connotation and the wisdom of education industry trend, the development of industrial projects, the realization of the path of the policy problem is discussed, and the bonded eco city through "Internet plus education" mode transition to wisdom education industrial base strategy is discussed.

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, the free trade zone on the basis of experimental school resources free trade zone, Northeast Normal University, and around the ideal software Limited by Share Ltd wisdom education demonstration base of cooperation in the construction of free trade zone signed a framework agreement, to lay the foundation for the construction of new wisdom education cultural Industrial Park bonded eco city.

is the national Ministry of education basic education division, ideal software Co. Ltd., Shanghai Dongtan Investment Management Consultants Limited and other units concerned attended the forum and speak, free trade zone, deputy director Chen Yushi attended the forum.

according to reports, the so-called "wisdom education" is a new concept of education of Northeast Normal University in the past years put in educational practice, to solve the actual problems in the society according to the students’ knowledge, cultivate the competence of discipline construction system of children, stimulate innovative teachers teaching ideas and methods, make students realize the importance of learning, so as to enhance the self learning ability and innovative thinking ability.

around the wisdom of education subject, Northeast Normal University, relying on its basic education resources, take market-oriented means, set up the ideal software Limited by Share Ltd, its 12 consecutive years by the national five ministries jointly for the state planning key software enterprises, take the "Internet + education" mode, and local education departments to carry out primary and secondary schools the occupation school education informatization of top-level planning and design consulting, design and construction of education information system, education software product development and promotion, education services, software training, teacher education integration depth information communication platform, education informationization and application of pilot guidance and other aspects of cooperation, and the establishment of the first national Ministry of education, digital learning support technology research center.

as of now, the country has more than and 600 development and experimental base school introduced the project, has developed more than 230 authoritative experts to participate in the basic education system, education informationization has accumulated more than 50 key technologies with independent intellectual property rights results and more than 160 software copyrights, more and more recognized by the society.

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, bonded eco city is the focus of the bonded area to create recommendations

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