The most critical factors affecting classified information websites


, I talked about some very shallow views on classified information websites, mainly about classified information websites. Today, the more contacts, the more ideas. As an amateur, I just went into the business and wanted to know more about classification information. I never thought of doing a very thorough study of classification information. Therefore, if there is no place to be said, please forgive those who have seen it, and if you don’t mind, you may leave your valuable comments and opinions. Today, we mainly discuss some important factors that affect the classified information website.

1. User stickiness is the core of the classified information website

for the classified information website has no clear profit model, is currently mainly to free release information to attract more users in the Internet era of Web2.0, Internet users tend to exchange platform, classified information website is a typical application of Internet Web2.0, therefore, the core user is classified information website.

how to let the website retain more users, is the key to classification information website, even if to do value-added services, mainly rely on Web site registered users. At present, most classified information websites rely mainly on the community to maintain the stickiness of users and websites. As a Nanchang local forum Nanchang life is fire, it is Nanchang classified information website Baowang ( a sub channel, Po network has six classification channels, in addition to the forum and blog, at the local fire. The role of the forum is that after the user sends out the information, he can publish his own experience and opinions to the community, which provides a better communication platform for users, and improves the stickiness of the classified websites and users. Of course, the website user experience is also very important, to seize the user, we must understand the user’s online habits.

two, strengthen credit system is the decisive factor of classified information website

The information quantity of

classified information websites is very huge, and the users are most concerned about the authenticity and validity of information, which is also the decisive factor of the development of classified information websites. The domestic classified information website strengthens the credit system day by day, takes the measure in the technology and the service, guarantees the information true and effective.

reportedly Baowang technicians, take patented technology in the practical application, so that can automatically filter and shield information base repeat, useless information, to maximize the effectiveness of information. In addition, in the intermediary information monitoring, reached more than 85% of the filtering rate, can automatically prohibit malicious posing as individual users of the end of the re posting. At the same time, Baowang and specialized editors, to verify the authenticity of the post, false bad information, delete, delete all information for repeat offenders released.

three, the classified information website profit question is most urgent,

Internet free mode achievements of the Internet business, but also to some Internet companies brought problems. Related famous points

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