Sell domain names all over the sky

checked the link on the site today and found that many links had expired. And there are many sites have expired domain name, and has been registered for sale. What does this mean, or is it an excellent lesson for today’s individual webmaster?.

you may find that you find a site in some web site navigation site, and are pleased to say that, the classification and the original station! Went in find the page and not the web page, but this domain name is for sale…… At this point, what would you think? I thought, well, another website has fallen……

but this is much more today than it is today. For example, when I checked the link on my web site, lao910 teacher navigation (, I had to delete a bunch of links. When checking links, it gives me the impression that they are selling domain names all over the world,


why is this happening so much? I think one of the reasons should be the inevitable outcome of the CN domain name flooding in the early days. Because I see CN domain name sale circumstance is really very much. Many friends in the CN domain name one yuan a year, registered a lot of domain names, but one yuan is the first year. After that, you have to pay a lot of money every year. This domain name will allow you to continue using it. Those who registered more than one CN domain, one year later, for a variety of factors, not for domain name renewal, of course, had to let the domain name expired.

in addition, many people are beginning to realize that the internet isn’t as profitable as it seems. In the beginning, you may have a lot of enthusiasm to invest in the Internet, register domain names, and buy space for your own personal website. Hope, as legend has it, the money is rolling in. It is, can discover later, the website that produces with enthusiasm temporarily, cannot bring what gain to oneself. And I have become a pure consumer: consumers who buy domain names. So, have to give up this beautiful looking personal website, in addition to start their own lives. The author also happens to have been such a personal webmaster.

of course, watching their favorite domain name is now no longer their own, after all, the heart is not easy. But that’s the reality. What can we do? Because, in this world of the Internet, we probably don’t have anything at all. Had to go reluctantly. If you are the same as me, then suggest you: never again think of those who have left you. Live well yourself, the present day is the most important. The past is gone, only today is worth treasuring. Seize today, and tomorrow will be meaningful!


"Lao910 teacher navigation" Webmaster:, December 25, 2009,

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