Talk about the soul of the website

speaking of this topic, I feel it should be explained that the soul is not the soul of man, but his spirit. Now do a lot, but do little, how much you can remember the website? I want to see the most or forget it, you will remember how? This needs a website with his soul, spirit


has a client, let me do a website, said a lot, and I finally asked him, your customer positioning? Your website in the industry, you studied? What do you want the website to express?


he fainted and said, "no," I said. "You don’t have to do anything. You tell me what you do, and then I’ll tell you, and I’ll tell him at last.". You are on the site only 20%, the other 20% don’t do it, this is fine, you should reflect the brand, you put the brand to reflect, take your website will have a soul, your customers get your products will remember your site, see the website and I thought of you. The product, this is your effect.

you’re not a Alibaba, so you don’t need a lot of traffic. What you need is quality traffic. Do not move now, what is what traffic promotion, I want to say is, when you are enterprise or business, you need is not the customer flow. You need high quality traffic, you 1W traffic a day, no customers, people 1000, there are 3 customers, which is your failure?. Why? Your traffic is large and you don’t have clients. Simply speaking, your website doesn’t have a soul. Your website attracts customers, which is outside gorgeous, but there is no soul, it can not retain customers.

ended this sentence with a sentence: "beauty is lovely and beautiful, not beautiful and lovely."

good luck to everyone,

Luoyang Baosight


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