t’s hard to stand when you meet, just like a baby

wrote the title, sometimes think is not a bit tragic factors in the inside, after these days do stand summary, suddenly there was such a feeling, why?

In fact, the two are

at Apple and orange, taste it, but there are striking similarities between the two, or have a relationship, with a child, especially not speak a child, you will feel that this is a very difficult job for you! To understand her intention, you have to understand what she said of the babble! This for a man, really is a new proposition. And children together, especially when she is obedient, you will hate her holding in the palm, be happy with how happy, but when she is not obedient, especially when not stop crying, do not stop to coax you, even when wuyinbuquan voice and not a classic dance all out is not a brigadier general work, they suddenly have a feeling to collapse, this time, I want to go! Real idea is, when children want to leave, not a child, always thinking of her lovely face, always thought that kind of holding her hand over the. The real thing is when meeting each other is hard,


station is also almost this feeling, because I did not what the actual website operation experience, make a station as with children, the beginning is very excited, hope every day around it, let it bring happiness to you, down when not online place, and always think that, now I stand what space? And really into the station, looking at those sites running data, and greatly disappointed, frustrated, though these days, as long as there is time, wandering in the major sites, learning the successful experience on the success of the webmaster website, as the original with children, not what are people asking, or what is Baidu, it can solve many practical problems, but the site operation is no similar immediate experience can be found, some only do not stop touch Cable, stop hack.

do stand, just like with baby, hard, happy, continuous, happy, troubled connection, perhaps this is the pain, and happy with another definition.

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