Make a useful garbage station

, I’m a rookie little garbage collector, and I don’t even think it’s a webmaster. Because I don’t understand HTML language, won’t collect, not SEO, but I use ready-made free program, actually also built up their own site, in the heart or small have some pride, hey hey.


website structure up, do what? I can’t help but still fan up whisper, every day on the station network, ADMIN5 to check, to learn, toss down one day or at a loss. But the harvest is still there, is to learn what is called "dump"? While understanding is different, but the total return that is content is collected, as a SEO GOOGLE/ Baidu large included, so as to obtain a lot of traffic, profit mainly by alliance. I also want to do such a station.

but the problem comes, I will not do a huge volume of data acquisition, not dead tired? Even with huge amounts of data, I do not SEO, the Baidu /GOOGLE included my station? Will not be K Not the least trace was found.? After thinking, think of themselves usually surf the Internet, often for different problem solving, need to different types of websites is looking for. That tired. The thought of doing a station, not two not creative, it must do a porter, to various types of online self feel useful things in order in a block, so you need to find information of people find the answer he wanted in my site, not Miaozai?

thought of doing, I will start this kind of work, won’t collect, then a website to find, can COPY of COPY, can’t copy, then a word, a word knock into. However, it is slow, 20 days before entry to 50, including the guest text in order to make money. I understand that in my snail speed, not short-term good site quality, and because there is no own original, Baidu /GOOGLE included not good (so far only included a home page), is not good, no natural flow, no flow, money also is a castle in the air. But I will persist, because I believe that with the increase in content, users will stick to my station, because I focus on providing valuable things.

actually, do what to do for making money?. But money seems to make sense. So I do stand in there? Well, in order to be useful to you, for your convenience, I really do a useful "dump", it is called bingo 365 community, may every day of your life for 365 days, bingo!


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