Fu Ran a after 90 online venture story

, a 16 year old child, may have entrepreneurial passion, but who can believe they can succeed? Fu was born in 1990, home in Anhui, Huangshan City province. In the upcoming summer of 2006, he unexpectedly chose to drop out of school and start his business with his own words: "going to college is not the only way out. I want to quit school and start a career."

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Fu Ran is a child who doesn’t love learning and discipline. His academic performance is not prominent, computer knowledge is among the best in the class, is recognized as a "computer fan."". When he was 7 years old, he began to touch the Internet and gradually showed his talent for computers. Slowly, Fu began to try to make web pages, "instant intoxicated", "Mount Huangshan" and other personal websites are very popular.

Fu Ran has a dream since childhood: to grow up to do a "sensational" web site. After the end of the high school study, the approach of the college entrance examination, Fu Cheng felt unprecedented pressure. Instead of following the traditional rules of development and being a loser in the college entrance examination, it is better to start an undertaking ahead of time.

just, what does the venture do? A little thing that happened a little while ago gave him a lot of inspiration. On one occasion, Fu’s father went out without a cell phone and went to a public telephone booth in a newspaper booth on the street. Billing table shows payable 20 Fen, stall holders must pay 5 cents.

consumers are always worried about the lack of complaints, and if they can create a public complaint website, consumers can complain as long as they log on to the site, without the restrictions of time and place. When the popularity is high, you can sell advertising profit.


started his sophomore year, he dropped out of school and told his father about the idea of starting a business. Fu Ran’s father is a secondary school teacher in Anhui, very supportive of the idea of his son, despite the opposition of his family, for the investment of nearly 30 thousand yuan to buy equipment necessary for the construction of the website advice.

lose the first battleAfter dropping out of school,

devoted himself to the building of the website. Creating a web site and registering a domain name is the first step. He is Chinese domain name homophonic "again". "I want to use this name has a tenacious vitality to motivate yourself, never give up." Fu Ran says.

since then, Fu will be the site of the content module planning, and began to develop procedures. This is a mental work, but Fu is programming in front of the computer every day. All the programming codes appear in the dream.

after two months of hard work, "the resurgence of complaints network scale. Fu designed a questionnaire for sampling in the community, but few people were interested in it. Most of the Internet users are young people, and their complaint awareness is not so strong, while older and more enthusiastic citizens are not accustomed to the internet.

In the first few months of the

website, there were only a few visitors, and even if there was a consumer complaint, the site was not strong enough to invite government officials and complainants

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