How do novices earn money from an advertising alliance

is now the most profitable of Baidu and GG advertising alliance.

I like the secretarial chowder network, by the end of 2007 to do, because he is writing, hundreds of times, then you want to earn some money at the beginning, do not understand, only know that there is a GG advertising, on the application of the new regulations, but to wait for half a year, this flash, by June, finally application to the beginning of GG advertising, do not know how to put it at the mercy of only know better, although many, but click on the price is very low, only zero point one cents, then got some experience in the book, just know more ads, but not good, summed up the 460 multiplied by 60 ad in the paper in the strip, 600 times on the right and a skyscraper 16 try, click on the price increase to zero point four cents, novice friend, as you can imagine, many novice is desire daqiuduo, anxious to put a few more, the result is just the opposite of

Baidu theme promotion is very difficult to apply, but Baidu alliance application is not difficult, but for small sites only give you search, and promotion of cooperation, Baidu statistics of these small things, Baidu theme promotion advertising is not to make money for small sites, I now only in the home central advertising to get a promotion and advertising. Home made a Baidu ad, when is the right to tell Baidu: boss, I am your man. After all, I still hope that Baidu included some, flow is money as a novice, Baidu is not to offend the thousands on thousands of, honestly do stand, do not get smart, or Baidu make you sad.

mother’s League is good, yes, money is too small, can be used as a supplement to GG advertising, many sites are put this way,

special advice, some mixed advertising don’t do a lot, is a virus, a coalition of advertising I used to do a lot of money, drug is too heavy, so I find someone to repair the website every two or three days at the beginning, do not know the virus, thought of hackers, think of a small website who are you, ah, then a check, some of the original advertising advertising is linked to the horse, eat the loss, don’t mess with advertising,

traffic alliance is not good stuff, most horses, especially high income, more careful, not to destroy the overall site petty profits,

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