Old Xie personal webmaster how to write soft Wen thinking

long time no talk about my own soft experience, today is the first day of 2010, some problems about soft Wen promotion 09 years old Xie write personal webmaster, want to have good help for your website promotion.

soft Wen use universal rate

from just a few people writing soft, and now everyone with a soft, Laoxie feel happy, because the soft Wen, the old Xie is looking at a part of individual stationmaster level, until now, has become a kind of ability, from the promotion of a personal website originally, now in some famous network company as a network promotion work.

soft understanding, need to strengthen

to now, many webmaster, or the soft text as advertising, or pure propaganda text to write, no wonder you say your soft Wen can’t write out, and the effect is very small.

in the vast network world, will be foolish to look at your ad, soft little, and the effect of the said.

soft writing requires more creativity,

is a kind of soft, free development promotion articles, soft no specific form, so please make innovation bile, not too much to consider the feasibility, write out again, the effect will be much better than your traditional sure.

soft Wen release to more standardized,

soft text issue has been plagued by the majority of the webmaster, please do not choose spam forum published, it will only reduce the credibility of your site, thereby affecting your website quality.

To explore the depth of

you private leading website, in the webmaster A5, CHINAZ is the industry’s leading website, if in related industries, they are the best place to release.

soft writing soul

is useful for publishing stations, and has a role and significance for the user community. It can do a thorough analysis of your potential users. Thus grasp the consumer’s user psychology, specific methods can see "soft Wen learning key" in the consumer psychology analysis.

this is the original site of the original ADMIN5, reprinted please note: old Xie soft service www.ruanwenblog.com

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