Xu Jun from forced to quit school, start business, over $100 million Game.com domain holder

Abstract: the domain name has become an important label on the body of Xu Jun, from the simple to the domain name cybersquatting, investment buying and selling, in 2008 founded the 4.cn CN domain name trading platform, Xu Jun has been in the field of domain name transaction plough, the industry has a very high visibility.

with the Empire vulnerable to media of Internet entrepreneurs in Hangzhou, Xu Jun rarely interviewed by the media, but you can find his "secret" figure from the following facts:

, founded in September 2014, has received 15 million of angel investment from the beginning.

4.cn gold net founder of the website, the annual turnover of nearly 1 billion, becoming the world’s largest domain name trading platform.

CPS, founder of multiplying ad trading platform, this platform for the whole Jingdong, such as vip.com B2C mall to about 4000000000 of sales.

baby net (www.beibei.com) angel investor, in January 2015 has won C round of one hundred million U. S. dollars venture capital.

game.com domain holder, the domain name is said to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, at least three of the world’s top domain names.

in fact, several of its projects, Xu Jun is not involved in day-to-day management, like investing in Beibei network, Xu Jun’s role is more like an angel investor.

set the right direction, find the right person in charge, work out a good incentive system, and then let the person in charge be fully responsible.

"a lot of able people have the same dreams as I do," Xu Jun said. "I hope I can provide a platform for those who have dreams to fulfill their dreams."."

Xu Jun and Chen Ruigui in Hangzhou Jiubao e-commerce park has a MR.I Internet innovation incubator, just to get a $one hundred million babe network come from here, he said that success is not a babe network accident, Zhang Lianglun and other four founders from both the background, strategy and execution are super team.


"in the future, I hope I have 10 successful projects, and that’s my dream," said Xu Jun, who is full of idealism.

however, jinhaimi global purchase by him personally surgeon, Xu Jun believes that this project is very large on his value, "multiplying is still a mid sized company, I hope I can make the whole company to a higher level, this is my dream."

The owner of the

Hacker Union

the second half of 2001, Xu Jun started college at that time affected by the Internet boom (2000 three portals, listed) Xu Jun reported to the network technology specialty in Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, the most amazing is that in the school to know, the so-called network technology with me now.

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