How to tell whether the website was dropped by Baidu

some time ago that a big bad news, my site is Baidu down the right, in fact, a month ago, I had a feeling that the web page is significantly reduced in the number of Baidu included, stagnated in the number of Google, YAHOO also left the poor in a page. It is clear that I have been denied the right. Analysis of the reasons, only one, some time ago, I joined the site to a universal login code, not what at first, just a few lines of code, but actually hides a Trojan virus, at the beginning I did not find, until after a month of the day, a friend told me said a virus on my site. So I checked out, this code is at work. However, it is too late, a month is enough to let me off Baidu K, now just down right is just lucky.

through this painful lesson, I want to tell you, we must not use the Internet code, it is very, very dangerous. In addition to these, but also to check whether the following links of their own sites have problems, such as whether they have been dropped right, and so on. Wonder how to see whether a site is down right? This site below I use my own has been down the right of their own experiences. Hope to bring a little bit of experience to others:


method is very simple, open the Baidu home page in the search: search site: search results if only a few pages, and there is no this website home page, it is clear that the site has been down the right, if any results are not, it shows that this website are not included, or is this site Baidu K.

what should you do if your website is dropped by Baidu,


first of all: you have to calm down, analysis of the reasons for the right to drop, there are several general reasons, first, there are viruses and Trojans inside the site, Baidu found that K must be. Two is the site inside the illegal content such as pornography content and so on, will be K. Three is your link site, there are illegal content, or a Trojan horse, or has been lost search engine K. These problems were discovered and corrected immediately.

secondly: after the correction, do not continue this way, begin to put more original articles, many useful content, keep updated every day. Believe that one day your website will be favored by search engines.

again: do Sitelinks, maybe your site is down right, there are still some pages in search engine, you can use the station to set up multi link connecting bridge between page, this helps to get rid of the current predicament as soon as possible.

: finally, the fastest way is to change the domain name and let the search engines know you again.

now, I just mentioned that my website (, except for the other domain are done, now has six pages to be collected, Google search page to be reached nearly 60 pages.

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