Common experience of each stationmaster from forum popularity to forum profit

each forum will experience similar troubles, the establishment of the forum how to enhance the popularity of the forum at the beginning of trouble, and when the forum has certain popularity, the owners will worry how to enhance the profitability of the forum, it can be said that this is a forum for the development of two stages necessary, can successfully pass through these two stages webmaster, can be regarded as a successful webmaster.

first said that the forum popularity aspect, must let the forum popularity become irritable, must let the user be master.

1, the most important, of course is to have the quality of the forum posts, attention to user group forum for positioning and the forum, must have their own views and perspectives, once the forum has its own unique personality, is a living sign, the user word of mouth, easy to hot.

2, the forum itself is post quality is very important, but a new open forum, must often held some of the activities of the forum, prepare some prizes to attract some places over stimulation. Of course, BBS activities can not simply post, award is so simple, the most important thing is to guide the quality of the post. It doesn’t make sense to hold events like this.

3, now in the era of Web 2, the forum has not only depend on the post will be affixed to the development of popular, and let the forum of functional diversification, now many forums have the SNS function, there is a small section of the game, which can well arouse the enthusiasm of the friends of the altar, and add some such functions not difficult, such as joining bubble play platform, can let u play the now popular web games, the popular forum has a great effect. The aim is to make communication between users, with the exchange, the user formed a social network between, it is not easy to drain the user

4, the user can play the master spirit, let the converse if their forum managers, let them analysis how to do it better, thinking the answer is not restricted, the purpose is to let the user of the forum as their own forum, and many times the user’s thoughts are very constructive, can use the.

5, a QQ group, members must have common interests of BBS members, and willing to post in the bbs. It can also give those members a positive atmosphere, everyone is a collective, we are here to exchange, when progress, benefit by mutual discussion, members of the group more and more you grow, then your forum is more and more popular.

again, forum profitability, the forum is the website, so the profit model and portal is also very similar.

is the first advertisement, for the forum, network advertisement still is the main way of profit, the profit level of course how, one of the key depends on how much you flow the forum, the two key is to choose the advertisers, some junk alliance even if you do not flow again big money, for the best the theme of the forum with your business, "

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