Some experience of website establishment and promotion in industry

many people say the web site from a difficult start, I fully understand the network, now engaged in full-time website business, operating over 6 websites, there is success and failure, to make money, not to make money, to now hand operates 3, another large projects are in development, I to tell you the experience is: the website absolutely can make money, but everything from reality, to observe more thinking, more efforts to study, those who only think to get a website, waiting to make money, it is certainly not.

I have done a relatively unsuccessful website, is a city shopping network, originally I was working with friends. He is a clothing company partition manager, our plan is, he bargains, I run the website promotion, after 3 months of hard work, my website, and promotion is also good, but the main is the lack of supply, my friend, because of their work, no time to find bargains. He and his company’s products. Since they are all children’s clothes, they are not suitable for sale on the internet. In fact, I should start in considering the purchase and delivery problems, because the shopping website is needed to supply the operation, but I did not pay attention to grasp this point, the wasted months of effort and money.

this project, give me a lesson, that is not from the actual departure, consider not careful enough. In fact, shopping sites can definitely make money, and do well, and earn a lot. I think the shopping website or online shop should combine with the entity store. Let the guests on the Internet look like, and then to your store to try, and you give him the price is still the price on the net, so you have a very competitive and pure online mode, unless you are very good, otherwise it is difficult to make money.

also, tell me about the classified information website. This must be done in the same city, but also the entity marketing company, otherwise it is difficult to make money, before 3 years almost, because now many large national classification website, did not earn money, it may be asked, they do not make money? The money? No, first, after second, they expect to make money, they have other uses, such as a company’s products, sales may not make money, but to make money to maintain.

and, for such sites, especially in the region, the most important is the ability, marketing ability, followed by the choice of industry and enterprises related to the company, the unit more than the person’s good money, you let the unit company each month to pay 300 yuan fee, basically see the Department Manager look on the line, the 10 is 3 thousand, if you let people dig the money, he had to be inquisitive, no ninety percent money to grasp, he is absolutely not willing to.

, if you do this kind of website alone. Well done, it may be a bit profitable in a couple of months, but not much. If you keep improving and keep on the basis of classification, focus on a particular section, pay attention to combining local realities

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